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UK Businesses Dangerously Overspending on Fruitless IT Ventures

Press release December 7, 2012 Economy

AccessPay Urges Vigilance and Immediate Reconsideration

London, November 30th, 2012:

Cash management professionals AccessPay have this week called for the business of the UK to rethink their current expenditures and consider reinvesting more wisely for 2013. Recent studies have concluded that dangerous sums of money are being thrown down the drain in terms of poorly allocated IT budgets – in some instances wastage has topped 70%.

AccessPay hopes that these alarming findings will strike a chord with businesses across the UK, which are for the most part already facing enormous financial challenges. 2013 is expected to bring another year where careful investment, cost-cutting and extensive flexibility are crucial for survival – now is not the time for complacency or blissful ignorance.

Trimming the Fat

“AccessPay dramatically reduces your payments system running costs, requires no upfront investment and, crucially, offers predictable future costs.” – AccessPay

Overcompensating for what a business needs right now in order to pave the way for the future may seem like a sensible idea, though is usually an expensive mistake. Likewise, ticking all the boxes and running on a razor’s edge with no room for manoeuvre is also less than ideal.

What AccessPay is essentially championing for next year and all to follow is an innovative new approach to payment and cash management that ensures a business never has to pay a penny more than absolutely necessary. Roughly translated, this involves the creation of 100% unique and tailored packages that cover every need across the board and never cross the line into unnecessary expense.


“Cloud-based services mean your Company has always-up-to-date payments and cash management capabilities that can be rapidly extended to new payments channels when your company needs them.” – AccessPay

Handling international payments and general cash management is complex and convolute to say the least, which makes planning for the future a tough task. With the cloud-based service of AccessPay however, the scope for growth and expansion is literally infinite – so too therefore are the possibilities for the business.

From cash management to CHAPS to Direct Debits to BACS to SEPA and so many more, it is simply a case of handing over a complex and trying responsibility to those who live it, breathe it and are able to handle it with the ease and efficiency you never could.

The savings in terms of both cash and manpower could be extraordinary.

About AccessPay:

Based in London, AccessPay is comprised of a team of elite IT professionals with extensive experience in the creation of payment and cash management solutions for business. Having started out as a small business and with combined experience of over three decades, AccessPay prides itself on offering the kind of simple, real-world payment management solutions its rivals cannot. The company mission is to remove both the cost and complication from payment management to allow UK businesses to focus on what they do best. Check out for more information.