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UK Businesses Advised to Rethink Cash and Payment Management Contracts

Press release January 9, 2013 Business

AccessPay Offers Advice

Cash management group AccessPay has today refreshed recent calls to action for the UK’s SME contingency, warning that vast and unnecessary overspending is crippling so many small and new businesses across Britain. Third-party contractors are capitalising on the naivety of their clients to charge more than necessary for substandard services – in some instances actually increasing costs and company workloads.

Furthering its efforts to oust unscrupulous contractors and so-called cash management professionals, AccessPay is offering extensive and 100% free evaluative consultations for all businesses concerned about their current contracts.

Danger Signs

A leading authority in domestic and global cash management, AccessPay knows exactly what should and should not be offered to an SME for the benefit of the business. As such, an urgent warning has once again been reissued for businesses across the UK to take action, should they have noted any of the following during the course of their cash management contracts:

  • Increased running costs
  • No benefit to workload
  • Large upfront fees
  • Frequent errors
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Unwillingness to offer advice
  • Limited hours/means of contact
  • Little room for expansion
  • Restricted number of services

Any and all of the above constitute red-flag warning signs that all really isn’t as it should be and a drastic rethink may be in order.

A New Standard

With over 30 years of combined experience in developing technology solutions to meet corporate needs, our business is founded and delivered by business experts who understand what it takes to run a successful business.” - AccessPay

Far from a complex and intricate solution for cash and payment handling, the team at AccessPay champions simplicity and common sense at all times. Offering a comprehensive range of services from bacs payment to global transfers and all else besides should effectively be child’s play for the pro and never eat into the limited and valuable resources of the client’s business.

The call from AccessPay is simple – if any of the above list strikes a chord and rings true, how much longer are you willing to go on throwing your time, money and resources away on something offering such weak returns…if any at all?

About AccessPay:

Based in London, AccessPay is comprised of a team of elite IT professionals with extensive experience in the creation of payment and cash management solutions for business. Having started out as a small business and with combined experience of over three decades, AccessPay prides itself on offering the kind of simple, real-world payment management solutions its rivals cannot. The company mission is to remove both the cost and complication from payment management to allow UK businesses to focus on what they do best. Check out for more information.