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UK Beer & Cider Giant Extends RFID Beer Keg Tracking Solution

Press release October 26, 2009 IT

Scottish and Newcastle, a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. upgrades its InteliTap RFID keg tracking and management solution to the recently re-branded & launched VisibiliTy 4.0

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, October 26, 2009 – InteliTap Limited today announced that Scottish and Newcastle would be upgrading their existing keg tracking solution and enhancing its agreement with brewing supply chain experts InteliTap.  

The tracking and management offering has been constantly improved and evolved by InteliTap not only in technology terms, but also as regards the critical supply chain information for an entire industry that they have captured, analysed and applied successfully for nearly 8 years. 

Jon Quinn, InteliTap’s Managing Director said: “Tracking and managing their container fleet is of course not new to S&N.  They were the first company in the UK to implement RFID tags on their containers in 2001, and I (and many of my team) have worked closely with, them since that project began. “

Paul Hoffman, S&NUKs Operations Director told us: “I am pleased to continue to work with InteliTap. They have a way of assimilating information in an impartial way that can benefit every single brewer in the supply chain without any fear of conflict of interest.  We currently own 2.1 million kegs, all of which are included in the InteliTap tagging solution.

As our markets change, we need to be pro-active and dynamic with our container fleet, and the flexibility, scalability and personalised supply chain expertise and knowledge sharing that InteliTap provide is a critical component of that.

We are also working with InteliTap on other major projects to provide requisite visibility and leading edge security to our keg assets, and the high quality brands they contain.  Securing, understanding and extending the life of these high value assets is even more critical in these times where capital and operating costs are becoming more and more constrained”

The VisibiliTy product helps S&N to clearly understand their multi-million pound asset fleet, in terms of accurate population, cycle times and losses.  It is powerful in any industry where assets (beer kegs, roll cages, or any other containers or assets) are business critical, The software is an open source, standards-based, Web 2.0 solution that offers a user-friendly robust web enabled environment that is specifically designed to obtain, process and report individual container contents, movements, maintenance, usage and efficiency, using Auto ID technologies like barcodes and RFID to capture information.

Jon Quinn, InteliTap’s EMEA Managing Director told us: “I’ve personally worked with S&N since they implemented the RFID solution in 2001.  They are a forward thinking organisation that embraces change and the synergies between both teams is apparent.  I look forward to seeing S&N enjoy the extra significant benefits that our upgraded solution can bring, just like our other clients who have also made the move.”


For all press related enquiries please contact Jon Quinn, [email protected] 01226 720777

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