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Press release April 14, 2009 IT

With the rapid growth of the Twitter platform and a new frontier of real-time information emerging, is a Twitter search service designed to help users surface useful data from the rapidly growing 'Twittersphere'.

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Cardiff, WALES, (PressPort) April 15th, 2009 – is a new breed of Youtube: Twitter search tool that provides an essential window into the real-time web.  A simple yet powerful search interface enables users to unlock an incredible range of information.

Interactive Search

With tweetzi, users can PLAY or PAUSE the search result stream allowing for powerful tracking of users, trends, breaking news, live blogs, keynotes and more. Further, a range of special filters allow queries to be rapidly augmented to enable users to find tweets containing links, hashtags, questions and positive / negative tones.

Next Generation

tweetzi joins an emerging set of next generation tools that allow internet users to harness the value of social media and the real-time web.  The service is also beneficial to business where conversations and the online consensus about brands and services can be tracked and monitored.

“Twitter is fast becoming the ‘pulse of the web’ and is set to offer an unprecedented real-time source of crucial information - tools such as tweetzi, which allow users to leverage that data in new ways are very important going forward.” suggests Craig Hughes, the developer of tweetzi.

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