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Transform your furniture

Press release March 13, 2012 Lifestyle

Is your furniture looking tired and dull? follow these easy steps to brighten it up

Fed up of your old furniture? There is no need to rush out to the nearest store to spend thousands on new furniture. Why not restore what you have, just a quick lick of paint or some new fabrics can transform your tired looking furniture and make it modern and fresh.

Varnish is the perfect for revamping your old furniture. Simply sand down the surface and give it a good sheen finish with varnish for that new, fresh look.

For a satin – matt or matt wood finish, use wood oil. The wood oil resistant to water and dirt, is very durable and smoothens wood surfaces. In comparison to conventional finishes, the natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface result. Easy application – no need for a primer or sanding between coats – saves time and money. It meets the wood's natural demands: It is micro porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

Wood Stains offer a beautiful finish to a tired looking piece of furniture. Sand down your old furniture and chose from a range of colours to paint the wood. Soft grey / cream colours will offer your furniture a modern, French feel. If you are feeling brave, opt for a brighter, bolder colour to make the furniture a centre piece of a room.

Of course it doesn’t stop with the paint; you can buy stencils and fabric to add an extra special touch and to match the furniture with your curtains or wall paper.

If you have a spare bit of fabric or can get some that match the curtains you have just purchased, why not consider upholstering your chairs, it’s easy to do and you can save money doing it yourself. If you have recently wall papered and have some left over, don’t throw it away. Why not consider papering some canvases and mount them on your wall, this is a great way of incorporating all of your décor and saving yourself money in the meantime.