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Train Driver Providing a Platform for Sports Clubs and Activity Clubs

Press release September 14, 2010 Sport

A Train Driver is spending his spare time encouraging everyone to get outside and try new sports and activities.

Building a website featuring all types of sports, activities and pastimes is quite a project, then throw in a sports and activities directory for all the clubs associated and you have a huge task in front of you. Daunting for anybody, but that is exactly what a 45 year old train driver is doing part time! is the brainchild of Phil Taylor, a man who drives trains for a living and creates web pages in his spare time, so what made him start?

“My youngest daughter was looking for something physical and fun to do out of school, she had played some team games in school but was never a star player, so we started to have a look to see what appealed to her and after a while we came up with kayaking, something she had never tried and something she thought would suit her. So next it was a case of wading through searches to find somewhere for her to give it a go, fortunately a friend was able to help and she joined up with a local kayak club. That was fine, but during the process it occurred to me that there was no easy site encouraging participation in various activities, giving a bit of information and next to it a club finder directory so that anyone wanting to try something or looking to join a local club could find a contact easily. Sure many governing bodies have directories for their own specific activity or sport and there are a few places that list some clubs but nothing that really hits the mark” Phil states.

Uneed2getoutmore is an easy to use free site, first and foremost providing a short article giving some information about a particular activity with each grouped together in relevant categories, Extreme Sports, Individual Sports, Team, Racquet, Water and General Fitness to start with, activities and categories are being added in time, Phil explains “I’ve completed the first forty five activities and there is still plenty more to do. Each article requires a fair amount of work, often it is re written several times and although I’ve had a go at quite a few activities and sports when I was younger and during my time in the Navy, I’m certainly not an expert on anything!”

The other half of the site is a searchable, local sports and activities directory, this is where Phil had to enlist the help of a local web developer for some technical expertise. He says “The site is built using a popular, free content management system called Joomla, my brother suggested using it when I broached the idea, I had never heard of Joomla so I had to learn the basics quickly but for some of the more technical aspects I needed help, for example the directory, where we have utilised an element of Joomla to provide a robust directory that enables clubs and associations to create a unique webpage leaving their club details and location. Users can then search for clubs close to their locality and see exactly which clubs may be suitable for them.”

Phil is now hoping to attract more clubs and associations to list on the site which is completely free for all non profit organisations, as most grass roots clubs are. “If I can get the word out and attract all types of clubs to the site I think it will, in time, be a useful site” he says, “who knows it may even inspire future champions”.