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Traditional vs Quirky Wedding Photos & Videos

Press release November 8, 2012 Lifestyle

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The Wedding Video

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so having a video and pictures to capture the moment is of great importance to most people. There are many couples who will like their videographer to shoot a traditional wedding video, with some of the most important parts of the day encapsulated within a few minutes of video.

A traditional wedding video would involve the cameraman being discreet and unobtrusive throughout the day, whilst capturing the following items:

  • The ceremony – including a close up on the wedding rings being placed on the fingers
  • Entire speeches
  • Bride/Groom preparation
  • Guests Arriving
  • The First Dance
  • The Reception
  • A summary of the wedding

99% of wedding videos will have a music track of your choice played over the top of it for either an emotional pull on the heartstrings or a more personal meaning, like the couple’s favourite song.

However, couples have started to become more adventurous with their wedding videos, having a lot more fun and getting a lot more for their money from videographers. With a service like marryoke, couples can create a whole music video with themselves and guests as the stars.

A more toned-down idea for a quirky video – try getting the videographer to prepare a same-day video. This will certainly be some high-pressured work for him/her, but the benefits are huge. As soon as filming of the ceremony and guests coming and going has stopped, the videographer will start to edit a video which can be shown to all the guests as they enter the reception.

Or if you are feeling brave enough to let your guests loose on your big day, a service like Wedit will send you five HD cameras to share around the guests who can film their own little bit of the wedding. At the end of the wedding you simply send back the cameras and they will edit the video for you!

Continuing with the self-generated video theme, the bride and groom could prepare their own wedding day blog, and coupled with the professional video and editing skills of the videographer, it becomes a much more personalised movie.

Wedding Photographs

The old saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words” is most definitely true in terms of wedding pictures. You want each and every one to be absolutely perfect and meaningful, no red eye, no blinking, no silly face, but sometimes, those impromptu pictures, and those showing personality, can make the day fun and more personable.

When planning your big day, a lot of emphasis and planning will undoubtedly be put into the tiniest details, so it would be a shame for these to go unnoticed, have your photographer take attention to detail and capture everything that thought and effort has been applied to. They might not make the wedding album, but you will always keep them as a reminder of every last detail of the day.

Guests are an integral part of most weddings, and it is always nice to be recognised as a guest for your effort to attend, particularly if you have travelled a long way. So a lot of pictures should be taken of those proud family members, parents and grandparents are the obvious choice! Children too, often play a role within the wedding, and they are guaranteed to provide completely unique, cute and cheeky pictures for all to enjoy.

Choosing your photographer and videographer can be a bit of a chore, especially with the amount of people out there willing to do it. Choose somebody local, who knows the area and has preferably worked at that venue before, so they already know what pictures or videos will look good.

It is a big decision, and an important one, as the photos and video will be one of very few visual keepsakes from your big day.