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Tracesmart Corporate Launches Radius Searching Tool to Enhance The Ability to Trace People

Press release May 2, 2008 IT

Tracesmart Corporate have augmented their industry leading consumer tracing solutions, through the inception of a ground-breaking radius searching tool that facilitates live consumer searches over a specified radius.

Continually developing the functionality of their web-based tracing system, Tracesmart Corporate have launched a new radius search tool. Live and accessible by all clients via the people search interface in their tracing system, the additional search option allows users of Tracesmart Corporate to trace peoplebased on their last known location - even if they have moved out of that specific area.

Often, when people move home they don't relocate far from their current address, however even a move as small as a mile could place the individual in a different town, county or country. This could previously have resulted in the individual not being traced; for example, as part of an asset reunification exercise, it may be necessary to trace a person in Hereford. If the trace subject moved from the county of Hereford to the county of Powys they would have moved to a different county and a different country and whilst a search of Hereford would not yield a current address, using the radius search tool it would be possible to locate the subject even though their previous location was used as a reference point.

Developed by Tracesmart Corporate's in-house IT & Web team, the system allows users to expand the search boundaries a nominated distance around the extremities of the area they are searching. Paul Weathersby, Technical Director at Tracesmart Corporateprovides a brief overview, "The radius search tool calculates the extremities of the given search area, then extends these boundaries by the specified radius area; for example, say 30 miles. This significantly enhances the likelihood of a positive trace result, especially when you consider that the majority of persons relocate within 10 miles of their previous home."

Ensuring that their people trace systems continue to be intuitive and functional is a fundamental in the company's product development program. Managing Director Mike Trezise, explains why functionality development will always be a priority at Tracesmart Corporate, "Historically, tracing systems just didn't offer the functionality that tracing agents require - we learnt this through the experience of our own tracers - and this is one of the primary reasons we launched our own tracing tool. I believe that the wide variety of tools we offer has been a considerable catalyst in the success of our tracing systems, enabling us to become market leaders. It is therefore essential that we continue to develop and enhance the functionality of our products, to ensure that we met the needs of our clients and help maintain our vanguard position."

About Tracesmart Corporate:

Based in South Wales' business focal point - Cardiff Bay - Tracesmart Corporate provides companies with a variety of services including

  • people tracing solutions
  • data cleansing
  • electronic identity verification
  • B2C marketing data

Tracesmart Corporate is the commercial division of Tracesmart Limited.
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Paul Weathersby is an industry leading IT specialist who, in his role as Technical Director, oversees the planning and development of Tracesmart Ltd's extensive web systems.

Mike Trezise has been involved in tracing people since 1984 and is the founder of Tracesmart Ltd. His extensive knowledge and entrepreneurial use of public domain consumer data provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage, enabling them to replace outdated legacy tracing solutions.