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Total Tree Services - Designing the gardens of Manchester

Press release February 22, 2013 Homes & Gardens

Garden design firm Total Tree Services have recently been inundated with work from the Manchester area and are proud of the 'Word of mouth' referrals they have been receiving

Garden design manchester

From urban gardens to country cottage gardens Total Tree Services of Keighley have you covered. Even though property prices and the market have recently taken a slight turn for the best we are all still in a situation where staying put, for the time being is for the best and this means we want to make the most of what we've got.

Our gardens are a space we can transform into something special but it can be quite a bit of work doing so, laying turf, decking or flags, planning and designing flower beds or rockeries to suit your situation such as low maintenance or year round flowers are just some of the things that need to be considered and this is why it is usually best and for garden design there is no better than Total Tree Services who boast around 10 - 15 years experience in the field.

Total Tree Services have been working in the Manchester area quite a bit lately as more often than not with this type of business you do a good job for a customer and word of mouth goes a long way and your kept busy in the area. Proprietor Ray Clarkson says 'Lately we have been doing quite a bit of garden design in Manchester and have worked on numerous different projects, we recently designed a roof garden for a couple in the city and then took on a mammoth job of transforming a neglected farmhouse into a tranquil place for a family to use, all in all Manchester is proving to be a fruitful area for our business'.

The North West is where the company predominantly work and although they usually cover a radius of around 30 miles they are happy to talk to customers the width and breadth of the country and as well as garden design services and landscaping they are qualified tree surgeons and fencing erectors.

For more information or to talk about your garden design project contact Ray at Total Tree services on 01282 863295, email [email protected] or click



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