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Top ten tools you need in your man cave

Press release April 3, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Just how women compete for fashion, men fight for the best tools. If you are a novice when it comes to what you need in your garage, then this check list will show you the must haves to get you through your DIY life.


Ladders are the most commonly used tool for any DIY activity, they are a must have in for any man’s cave. Whether working a few feet off the ground or fixing the roof, a ladder will give you the stability and correct working level to get the job done effectively and safely.

Tape measure 

A tape measure is a small tool that many people forget about, whether just moving furniture, fitting kitchens, hanging pictures or checking how much carpet you will need, a tape measure is a necessity. Buy a good quality tape measure that will last generations. If you buy a cheap and flimsy tape measure, then it is more likely to snap and break.

Retract Knife

Commonly known as a Stanley knife, this tool can be used for more things than you may think. People usually associate Knives and Blades with carpet fitting but they can be used for so much more. It comes in handy for stripping wire, cutting tape sealing a package without damaging the contents, cutting vinyl flooring, exposing popped nail heads, cutting insulation, removing skirting boards, cutting up carpet and so much more. Make sure you have a sharp blade otherwise the result may not be to the standard you are looking for.

Paste table   

You may think a paste table can only be used for wallpapering, but the table has so many more uses. Whether you’re hosting a car boot sale or simply having a picnic it comes in handy for many occasions. The paste table is easy to use and quick to fold away, making it the one item you shouldn’t be with out.

Paint rollers and trays

A good set of paint rollers and trays can last for years if cleaned and stored correctly.  With the amount of time the British public spend on home improvement every year, you would be surprise how a good set of rollers can make a huge difference, not only to the overall finish but to the person using the tool. Poor quality paint rollers can be very shaky when applying the paint, leaving your walls with gaps where the paint hasn’t covered the wall well and your arms aching. Get the best possible paint rollers and trays and reap the rewards.

Tape – Masking and Adhesives tapes

If you talk to any professional they will tell you that having the right tape makes painting and decorating easy. Whether you’re painting and want to get a perfect line or you are warning people about wet paint then there is a tape for every task. Check out the full range and stock up to ensure you always have the right tools for the job.


Scrapers cost next to nothing and have many uses, tasks such as removing wallpaper or getting paint off windows can be made a breeze with a scraper.

Dust sheets and Tarpaulins

You don’t want your furniture, bathroom or kitchen getting ruined whilst decorating your home. The best way to protect them is with dust sheets and Tarpaulins. They are available in many different sizes and thickness for a variety of uses, having dust sheets is the difference between preserving your furniture and fixtures whilst decorating and having to pay out for new ones or repairs.

Rodo Chalking guns 

These Rodo chalking guns are designed to apply fillers, sealants, decorating chalk and silicone. At a small cost this tool comes in handy around the home, making the hardest of jobs much simpler.

Paint removal systems & wallpaper strippers

Paint removal systems are a solution for the removal of many accumulated layers of paint from a surface in sometimes just one application. Wallpaper strippers are another great tool, the most common form is a steam stripper that removes all types of wallpaper and some textured coatings. This tool is very helpful offers a quick and easy solution to an otherwise long and painful task.


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