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Top Ten Mac Repairs: Apple MacBook Repair - MacBook Pro Repair in London

Press release May 12, 2010 IT

London Mac Repairs - aka LMR - are London's professional choice for Independent Apple Support and Expert Apple Upgrade and Mac Repair services. Apple Mac Data recovery and Hard Disk Drive Upgrades are a speciality as are iMac repairs and upgrades.

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MacBook Pro Repair Specialists

1. Macbook Pro Hinge Repair
A broken hinge can essentially render a fully-functioning MacBook or MacBook Pro completely useless. Such an insignificant problem should not be the reason you shell out hundreds or thousands on a brand new Apple computer.

2. LMR 100% FREE - YES FREE - MacBook Diagnostic Evaluation
Although not technically a repair in itself, having a professional examine your machine can identify any problematic components and save you money in the long run. We will find out what problems your MacBook Pro has, make recommendations for the repair, and complete the repairs with your authorisation. We’ll also fine tune your MacBook so that you get optimum performance. Again we're experts in Mac performance upgrades in London.

3. MacBook Pro Cracked Case or Casing Repairs
Your MacBook or MacBook Pro was meant to look good, but you don’t have to buy a completely new MacBook. Repair that cracked case and restore the original good looks that all Apple Computers are known for.

4. MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement
Obviously, a broken hard drive has to be replaced. Increasing the amount of storage couldn’t hurt either. With current usage and storage of digital audio, image and video files increasing your storage capacity should do too. Contact LMR today for Apple Mac Hard Disk Drive Upgrades in London.

5. MacBook Pro Data Recovery
Remember, this is the reason you should always back up your files. LMR can help if you forgot...    When a hard drive does break down, we can recover your lost data as long as the drive isn’t too badly damaged. Apple Mac Data Recovery, Backup and transfer services are available.

6. MacBook Pro LCD Screen Repair
A cracked display is a problem that can be easily solved, and it is probably among the cheapest MacBook repairs. An easy way to maintain and extend the life of your MacBook, cracked screen repairs are available wherever you are it's possible to ship your Apple Laptop to us for an LCD or LED Display replacement - We're also Accident Damaged and Liquid Damage Mac Repair Specialists with year of training and expertise behind us...

7. MacBook Memory Upgrade
It’s all about the memory. Well, it’s at least really important. Upgrading your memory is a cost effective way to make your MacBook more efficient and help you work faster. Go ahead, crank up the RAM!

8. MacBook Pro SuperDrive Replacement
Is your CD/DVD playing up? It always seems like the optical drive breaks right before you were going to need it. Replacing the SuperDrive is a common MacBook and MacBook Pro repair, and it is guaranteed to save you a lot of stress and frustration.

9. MacBook Pro Fan Replacement - Overheating?
Occasionally the fan of a MacBook will break down. Your MacBook deserves to stay nice and cool. Get a new fan for your MacBook and have us look for other ways to improve your MacBook performance and make it last longer. We’ll do it all in house and have it back to your in 48 hours or less.

10. MacBook Pro Replacement Keyboard or Replace Individual Key Caps
A loose or missing key can be incredibly annoying. Fortunately, it is possible to replace broken keys. Some people might be able to do this on their own, but if you are hesitant, we are the experts that will do a professional job in a timely manner.

LMR offer specialist repairs and support for all portable Apple Mac models including iBook, PowerBook, MacBook Range. Mac Mini's and iMacs are also our speciality.

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