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Top Myths Associated with Destination Weddings in Italy

Press release March 5, 2014

Common Myths of a Destination Marriage

Italy, the dream marriage destination of every girl is voted one of the finest marriage venues for those who love historical splendors.  Every bride fantasizes about a marriage in a castle, scrumptious Italian dinner being served to the guests and local designs embracing her day.

Despite of the many interesting aspects, marriage in this country is associated with several myths. These myths often discourage even the most adventurous couple. Listed below are the top yet common myths of a destination marriage in this country.

1.    It is out of my budget – Marriages in Italy are not just for rich and famous. Every couple who dream to exchange vows in the country and have a plan in their mind can arrange a day here. In fact, this is one of the popular choices of people in search of the best destination wedding spot. Listed below are a few ways through which you can save a lot.

   • Venues in this country are surprisingly affordable. There are several resorts that provide customization service, which lowers your cost. You can choose from resorts to banquet halls, and numerous other options that make planning your special day, affordable.

   • You can choose weekdays for your wedding celebration. Since, the cost is usually less during weekdays. However, if you pick weekends, it might increase your expense.

   • Destination weddings in this country combine the thrill of vacation with guests with a special feeling of marriage and honeymoon. It gives your guests a chance to explore a new place in limited budget.

2.    It would prove costly for my guests – Now-a-days, arrangements are usually done in group, and we all know group bookings attract huge discounts and offers. Depending upon your length of stay and size of the group, you can often inquire before hand with the hotel to know the rates.     

Also, when you are travelling in a group, it doesn’t require your guests to rent a car. Also, transportation booked in a group is also eligible for group discounts. This makes weddings in Italy relatively cheaper.

3.    No one will turn up – Destination marriage usually involves not more than 50 guests. Those included are family, relative and close friends. With those people, you are sure to have a great time. When it comes to wedding destinations in Italy, your guests would love to attend your marriage in any of these places; it is that wonderful.

These myths are commonly seen in every marriage, irrespective of the location.


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