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Press release March 16, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Safety comes first!

It’s getting to that time of year where you need to start thinking about your garden. Do you have towering hedges and trees out of control? Well safety always comes first. There are over 300,000 people hurt in their gardens every year, some accidents being serious enough to be admitted to hospital, make sure your not one of them.  

A large majority of these injuries can be prevented by following simple steps. One of the biggest problems in which people face within the garden is working at a height. Tackling those trees and hedges up an un-sturdy ladder will inevitably cause you problems. Having the correct ladder can dramatically reduce the number of injuries that occur in the garden environment, helping with balance and in turn concentration.

With the simple addition of a garden platform step ladder your risk is reduced dramatically. This style of ladder enables you to work safely at a height when cutting hedges, pruning or doing general garden maintenance. Not only will you be working safely, but with this platform you will gain greater confidence and get the job done much quicker; you may even find yourself doing the job better than a professional. Not only does the ladder provide a stable platform, but it boasts a secure guardrail that leaves both hands free to facilitate the work in hand and still supports you. This ladder enables you to work on slopes up to 16 degrees and includes articulated feet that spreads load and stops the ladders legs sinking into soft ground.  

When working on uneven ground The Hechman Hi-Step Hedge Cutting Platforms are the perfect platform not only for hedge cutting but for home DIY tasks. Constructed primarily from aluminium, it is extremely strong and light-weight enough to pick up and carry around easily. The number of different features this ladder has makes it ideal for the DIY user or professional gardener. Micro adjusting legs and feet enable this ladder to be used on uneven ground and slopes, making it the preferred ladder for home owners undertaking DIY tasks. The Hechman Hi-Step Hedge Cutting Platform additionally includes a guard rail that when leaning against, is supportive and safe which allows you to get that extra reach.

Ladders are one of the most vital tools in maintaining your garden, but it’s also the little things that count. Simple additions like gloves and ear defenders, along with eye protection and respirators will make gardening easier and can make a huge difference by protecting you from dangers. If not already using such equipment, you may want to invest to ensure you do not become another statistic.


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