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Tons of Tiles Warns of Shoddy Products Flooding UK Market

Press release March 6, 2013 Construction

Consumers Advised to Think Twice Before Buying Bargain Basement Tiles

London, February 9th, 2013:

Tons of Tiles has this week refreshed an earlier call to the UK public to exercise vigilance when going about home DIY tasks involving the use of wall or floor tiles. Following a couple of incidents whereby UK homeowners have found themselves hurt or injured due to poor tile quality, the team behind Tons of Tiles is once again urging buyers to exercise a little common sense when investing in home improvement products.

From wall tiles shattering when exposed to high temperatures to floor tiles cracking and creating dangerously sharp edges and various other instances of chipping and breakages, the presence of razor-sharp dangers created by low-grade tiles is a growing problem in the UK. As such, Tons of Tiles is once again suggesting that anyone considering undertaking a home improvement project consult a specialist ahead of time and beware of deals and low-prices that seem too good to be true.

Beneath the Surface

According to Tons of Tiles, the biggest problem faced by most is the way in which at first glance alone, any and every package of polished porcelain tiles for example looks pretty much the same in terms of quality and prowess. However, it really makes no difference whatsoever as to how much effort has been invested in making the finish of the tiles look the part, if the materials used to make the tiles as a whole are the lowest-grade currently in existence.

In such instances, it really doesn’t take much more than the slightest knock or even a change in the ambient temperature to see low-end tiles become dangerously brittle or pretty much fall to pieces entirely, creating significant dangers for anyone around – especially children and pets.

Simple Checks

Rather than approach the subject with a sense of foreboding, Tons of Tiles is instead simply advising that anyone on the lookout for an investment in tiles be prepared to check up on the reputation of the provider and the kind of genuine assurances offered on the products themselves. Over the past five years, Tons of Tiles has proved that excellent quality does not have to mean sky-high prices, even though the peace of mind that comes as standard is priceless in its own right.

About Tons of Tiles:

Tons of Tiles is a family owned and run home improvement business, based in the South of England. The company specialises in the import and supply of stunning, comprehensive tile ranges with a solid ethos of honest value for money and relentlessly strong customer service. Having just opened their first showroom in Plymouth, the team is now able to invite more buyers along than ever before to offer advice and inspiration for all tiling projects. See for more inspiration.