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Tons of Tiles Issues Warning to UK Public Considering Home Improvements

Press release February 18, 2013 Construction

Leading Tile Specialist Urges Caution Against Substandard Tile Purchases

Tons of Tiles has issued a warning to the homeowners of the UK not to fall prey to dishonest and profiteering retailers at the expense of their health and safety. After noting a sharp uptick in the number of incidents, accidents and injuries caused by poor quality tiles in the home, the company has called for renewed vigilance when attempting home improvement projects.

From tiles exploding at high temperatures to floor tiles becoming slippery as ice and others prone to creating sharp hazards, families are being put at risk by low-grade products not fit to be used in the home. Tons of Tiles is urging any homeowners considering such a project to first consult an expert or specialist retailer, before going ahead with what looks like a bargain buy.

Hidden Dangers

The problem with most examples from porcelain to quartz to crackle glaze tiles is that those that are purchases online generally all look the same, though the differences are night and day. Regardless of the lustre or prowess of the exterior, if the tiles haven’t been manufactured to the highest standards and with the best quality materials on the market, they have every potential to constitute a danger.

Slight knocks can create sharp chips and cracks, changes in temperature can see tiles become brittle and explode and various low-end examples of floor tiles offer zero traction at the best of times – all adding up to a recipe for disaster.

Common Sense

According to the team at Tons of Tiles, it really doesn’t have to be a minefield in any sense of the world, just as long as a certain degree of common sense is exercised. In order to further on on-going drive to inspire and assist the homeowners of the UK, the company has just opened the doors of its first full-scale showroom in Plymouth, where anyone is welcome to go along for advice, inspiration and all the answers they need – even if they’ve no intention of making a purchase!

Tons of Tiles has spent the past five years proving that even the most stunning stardust tiles can be offered for low prices and with flawless safety and quality guaranteed.

About Tons of Tiles:

Tons of Tiles is a family owned and run home improvement business, based in the South of England. The company specialises in the import and supply of stunning, comprehensive tile ranges with a solid ethos of honest value for money and relentlessly strong customer service. Having just opened their first showroom in Plymouth, the team is now able to invite more buyers along than ever before to offer advice and inspiration for all tiling projects. See for more details.