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To Earth – ever triumphant!

Press release November 22, 2009 Culture

Acid Bath, Garson

By Oakshaman (Algoma, WI United States)

If you admire stories of the Patrol and of Lone Watchers at the edge of the solar system then this tale is for you. 

I was not quite sure what to expect from this audio book at first but I was very pleasantly surprised. This is classic old-school scifi in the tradition of the paperbacks and pulps. It is the sort of story one would expect of Andre Norton, Isaac Asimov, or A.E. van Vogt. I had almost despaired of finding anything in this heroic and promethean spirit nowadays. 

The production is excellent- the sound effects, voice characterizations, and background music fully support the story telling. 

I look forward to any future releases in the same spirit.

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