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Titanium Jewellery Market Booming!!??

Press release February 3, 2010 Fashion

As the ever increasing demand for Titanium Jewellery grows across the globe, take a look at why Titanium is been used more and more within the Jewellery making industry.

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Titanium was first discovered within a mineral in 1791 but was never extracted into pure Titanium until 1910 by Matthew A. Hunter. Titanium has many uses and of late it has been widely used within the Jewellery industry. It was not until the late 70’s – early 80’s that Titanium started to be used for crafting jewellery and over recent years the demand for men and women’s Titanium rings has grown rapidly.

Titanium is a light weight metal which boasts an incredible level of strength and durability, making it a fantastic option for any man or women that have a “hands on” job and require that extra strength from a wedding or engagement ring. With Titanium being so lightweight, it really is deceptive as to how strong this metal really is; it would be very hard to scuff, scratch or tarnish Titanium if you were going out of your way to do so.

As demand for Titanium Rings has grown over recent years, so has the product ranges that are available in high street shops and in online stores. More and more we are seeing Jewellery makers pushing the boundaries of what you would usually expect to see with a Titanium ring or piece of jewellery. It is not uncommon to see many rings now which incorporate both Gold and Titanium or even Platinum and Titanium within the same ring, something that we would not have seen a number of years ago. As popularity has grown, you will now find Titanium rings which have been set with precious stones, such as diamonds. This means that there is no longer the issue, as there was previously, of Titanium been seen as a boring or “bland “metal in terms of fashionable jewellery making.

Although growing ever popular, Titanium is not a rare metal. This means that it does not carry the “heavy” price tag which you would expect to find with Gold or Platinum. Now although none of us can deny the beauty and level sophistication which a gold or platinum ring can offer, Titanium is a fantastic substitute if you are shopping on a budget or counting the pennies. The common misconception that we all have when purchasing anything of lower price is that the quality has to be suffer; this is not the case with Titanium.

Titanium is fast becoming, if it hasn’t already, a fashionable metal to wear. To the growing number of people across the globe, to whom price tag is not everything, this is becoming the metal of choice. As technology has advanced so has Titanium jewellery making and to the many people that will have not even have considered Titanium jewellery, they will be pleasantly surprised by the design and elegant pieces that are available today. As we are all well aware, stylish or designer jewellery without the big price tag is hard to come by, so why not check out John Greed Design and see why Titanium jewellery is becoming more and more popular across the globe.