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Tips For Night Driving - Wear Night Driving Glasses

Press release August 31, 2013 Motor & Transport

A lot of people over the years have been ridiculed for wearing sunglasses at night; whilst it is true that some people do it purely for the “cool” effect or fashion it is paramount when driving at night that you are aware of the benefits that night driving glasses and sunglasses bring.

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Thousands of people suffer from sensitivity to light when driving each night, car headlights in your wing mirrors, rear mirror and directly coming towards you can cause a spell where you cannot see, get headaches or make you very tired all very dangerous conditions when driving at night.

If you were to fall asleep then the results could be fatal to you and other road users, the same goes for blind spots when headlight glare dazzles you. Headaches can make driving at night unbearable which in the long run could effect your health, well-being and employment.

For all of these reasons it is paramount that you consider night driving glasses and sunglasses as a very viable solution to your problems.

i*Sunglasses range of yellow lens night driving glasses comply fully with UK and European safety laws in terms of light transmission; the yellow lens massively dims the glare from car lights however it’s vital that the right amount of light gets through to allow you to have perfect visual clarity of the road and your surroundings.

A lot of retailers will sell you yellow lenses without asking you the intended purpose for them; purchasing official and specially manufactured night driving eyewear is crucial.

If you are a glasses wear then you should consider our clip on night driving glasses which will simply clip on to your existing frame and turn them instantly into night driving glasses.

You can check out the full i range here; we have a great range of designs and styles to choose from and ready to buy online today.



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