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Tim Hayes &The Complex Organism

Press release February 20, 2013 Health

Why The Human Body Deserves Respect

The complex organism in question is the human body and it has evolved so much that it has reached the stage that it needs to be treated with respect and a level of care if it is to function at its best. That’s the view of Tim Hayes of Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness and it lies at the heart of his whole philosophy as a personal trainer and expert in health and nutrition.

Personal fitness work in tandem with a good diet and healthy eating regime is essential, says Tim, for anyone to achieve optimum wellbeing and the right weight.

“You must understand your strengths and weaknesses,” says Tim,“and then respect them, before you embark on a fat loss program; humility must be respected when you approach your day to day nutrition.”

The primary understanding about fat loss is that it must be, without exception, specific to an individual’s body type and their lifestyle says Tim who is ranked in the top 5% of the world’s personal trainers. Specialising in personal training in clapham common and other areas of the capital, Tim’s team create bespoke fitness and diet regimes for everyone from mum’s at pre and post natal stages right through to professional models and serious athletes.

“Simply following a generic diet published in a magazine or book will not give you the same results as the models or people they advertise with. In my opinion this is the main reason people fail with fat loss.”

Tim believes everybody is different when it comes to food and nutrition. People should mix their foods and keep a diary.

“That way you begin to understand what foods work for you and at what time,” Tim explains. Even the most resolute client will find times when they want to eat rubbish. However, my tips can help people recognize such scenarios and occasions.”

Many bad food decisions take place at work due to the stresses, strains and time constraints. Some of Tim’s suggestions include always having healthy snacks such as pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, almond nuts, green grapes, pears and mixed seeds on the desk to use as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack; getting a good low-sugar meal replacement shake which can be had for lunch if time restricts leaving the workplace; for those in rush who need to get something quickly they should choose a non-pasta based salad or soup rather than a sandwich.

Eating out is the most frequent reason people slip off their fat loss program, says Tim who is regarded as one of the best Personal Training in kensington. When the boss is pushing his employees to order a pizza or friends are ordering a big bowl of pasta the health conscious should try considering the consequences and ask themselves how will bingeing on an unhealthy meal affect their fat loss and their goals?

“I know weekends are about fun, relaxing and eating what you want and so is the hardest time to stick to a regime,” says Tim. “Though some diets allow a day off, I don't agree that this is the best way to achieve goals as it upsets the apple cart. There are plenty of delicious and healthy dishes out there for you to choose from.”

People visiting friends for dinner who know they are going to be offered a big pasta dish and a sumptuous cake can eat a high protein food before they go. This eases cravings for the sugary treats offered and keeps fat loss on track.

“Explain you are on a diet,” says Tim, “and ask for a small portion and load up on vegetables. Don’t eat the pudding; after all they will still be your friends. Remember you're there for the company, not the food.” 

About Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness:

Tim and his team are dedicated to achieving the best results for each of their clients, designing personalised training programmes that take account of their unique lifestyles and underlying health conditions. Tim takes the trust placed in him seriously and only employs Personal Trainers who meet his exacting standards. His focus is on correct technique – unlocking the right muscles at the right time with the right method – and on creating a fitness training experience that is fun, sustainable, safe and ensures that individual goals are always met.

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