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Tim Hayes Fitness Warns Against Virtual Personal Trainers

Press release December 19, 2012 Health

UK Public At Risk of Injury by Following Unlicensed Amateurs London, 29th October 2012:

Virtual personal trainers have become all the rage for millions looking for fast and affordable weight loss – many of whom are unaware of the risks. Tim Hayes Fitness has today issued a new warning for UK citizens considering taking on the services of a purely online personal trainer, rather than the real thing.

The process seems simple – just tell the virtual trainer your weight, height, diet, targets and so on to see a tailored fitness plan returned in minutes for a bargain price. All well and good, on the surface, but what fails to be considered here is the way in which zero supervision or direct tuitions is offered in terms of the exercises to be carried out, which amounts to a considerable danger to health and safety.

Do it Right or Not at All!

This team of Personal Training in Clapham Common is once again trying to deliver the message that any exercise MUST be done properly or not at all – it is as simple as that. Performing a routine incorrectly even for a day can lead to strains, sprains, twists, muscle-pulls, torn ligaments, falls and countless other injuries – long term exposure to such exercises can be horrifically dangerous.

Even with an array of diagrams and written explanations, nothing can compare with the full one-to-one approach of the best Personal Training in kensington has to offer when it comes to safe and effective exercise.

No Free Rides

This isn’t to say that virtual trainers are on the whole to be avoided, as many will offer 100% safe routines and eating plans accompanied by extensive multimedia presentation and even video calling for complete and total safety. However, those looking for a quick-fix solution for an all-inclusive price of £4.99 will more often than not end up with far more than they bargained for – none of which they wanted.

About Tim Hayes Fitness:

Tim Hayes set out to create the most flexible, realistic and effective mobile personal training program in London – the result being Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness. Today, the business serves the needs of hundreds of clients by offering a unique, personal and adaptive approach to fitness. Tim Hayes trainers are in business to work around the needs, budget and schedule of the client – never the other way around. Visit for more.