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Three Private Investigators Arrested in Kenya On Suspicion Of Terrorist Activities

Press release September 26, 2011 Politics

The men have been reported to have been arrested and held in Kenya on suspicion of terrorist activities are reportedly linked to Intelligere, a international branch of British based investigation agency XFor.

Three British men are currently being held in Kenya under suspicion of terrorist charges, the men are all thought to be private investigators under taking an intelligence operation for Intelligere, the international branch of British based private investigation agency XFor.

Our sources have reported that the three men Nick Cryne, 30, Niall Young, 34, and Ben Hope, 27, have been ordered to leave the country by tomorrow evening at the latest. Although it is unknown at this point if indeed their activities were illegal, it shines another unwanted spotlight on the activities of the private investigator industry. It has been reported the three men were all arrested while following two company executives within the region.

This news is certainly worrying however it does pose the question of what were three young men doing performing duties that would normally be reserved for highly experienced private investigators and operatives.

A Foreign Office spokesman has announced today "We are aware that a number of British nationals were arrested in Mombasa, Kenya, on September 22. We are providing consular assistance to them."

Certainly worrying times for the three men and their families.