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Thinking of getting married abroad?

Press release March 7, 2012 Lifestyle

Home or Away?

According to Mintel, the popularity of weddings abroad continues. Since 2005, the number of such ceremonies has risen by approximately 27%. Almost 18% of all weddings are now estimated to take place abroad. In 2008 the UK saw an 11.5% drop in the number of weddings, the lowest rate since 1895, despite these figures, weddings abroad have continued to increase.

The average expenditure on weddings abroad has risen; this is still only approximately one third of the cost of the average UK equivalent. With the 2008 recession still looming, it’s no surprise people are thinking about marrying abroad.

The guarantee of warm weather and cost are 2 factors contributing to UK citizens marrying abroad. The average cost of getting married abroad is just £6585 compared to the UK average of nearly £20000.

So let’s weigh this up, what are the pros and cons of getting hitched abroad?


  • Choosing to get married abroad means the world is your oyster, you can literally get married anywhere in the world.
  • The weather is almost guaranteed when you marry abroad, especially if you go in the height of the season.
  • Cost: getting married abroad can be a lot cheaper than marrying in the UK
  • Holding the wedding abroad does often mean less organisation and co-ordination. As you are choosing to marry abroad, you will not have as many guests as you would if you married at home.
  • You can combine your wedding with your honeymoon.


  • Limited number of guests: it is understandable, not everyone can come to the wedding as they have the extra expense of travel and spending money to come. But if you give them enough time to plan for the occasion, you may be surprised by the number of replies you get.
  • Some people worry about missing out on the traditions of the UK, but getting married abroad doesn't always mean being married on a beach. You can get married in a church too, or a beach or a hotel, the list is endless.
  • If choosing to get married afar, it may be difficult to go over and check out the venue etc., fear not, you can speak to travel agents, read online reviews and even try get a wedding planner.

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons. The choice of where you get married is up to you. One way to decide if it is for you or not is to take a piece of paper, divide it in to two columns, one side pros and one side cons, they have to be specific pros and cons for you and your partner. Once you have finished your list you have to analyse what is says. Do the pros outweigh the cons? If so you have your answer.