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Press release August 24, 2012 Lifestyle

All you need to know for them last minute checks.

It’s that time of year again when the festivals are nearly upon us. A few months ago we created a fantastic infographic on the festival survival guide. This infographic covered all the main festivals people will be attending this summer Below are the dates for each event:

Isle of Wight Festival                       13th - 16th of June – already been

T in the Park                                  11th - 14th July – already been

Global Gathering                             27th - 28th July – already been

Leeds & Reading Festival                 24th – 26th August            

Creamfields                                   24th – 26th August

Bestival                                         6th – 10th September

If you are stuck to which festival to attend, we advise you  read Which Festival to Choose?

You will need to know what to take with you to the festival, and if you have any doubts on what to take, then check out our cool infographic.

If you are going to a festival on a very tight budget then here is a short guide full of tricks and tips:


Is there a large group of people traveling to the festival? Instead of going down in many different cars, why don’t you fit as many people as possible in a few cars. The other alternative is to get a minibus to the festival, with up to 17 seaters available you and your friends can all travel together. Other benefits of traveling in a minibus are that:

  • You don’t have to worry about being over the legal alcohol consumption limit
  • Save money
  • Kinder on the environment
  • Better drop off points


People may think they need to go out and buy a brand new tent when going to a festival. Why not just borrow one from a friend, you have to remember that the tent is bound to get muddy if the weather is bad so be prepared to get the washing up gloves out and do a bit of scrubbing when you get home.


You may think you have to take around £100 to a festival, well this in not entirely true, depending on how many days the festival is on, you may not have to take anywhere near this amount.

Altereglow’s moneysaving tricks:

  • Take a loaf of bread, and some filling, remember that you cannot take items that need to be refrigerated, so try Peanut butter or Nutella – think about the packaging as glass is not usually allowed inside the festival, so you may need to find alternative packaging.
  • Take snacks – chocolate bars always go down well, so make sure you have enough to last the entire time of the festival. Also take a couple of bags of crisps, they may not be healthy but you are at a festival, if you would like to take some healthier snacks bananas and apples would make a great choice.   
  • Pot noodles – you may find an issue with finding hot water, however there are tea and coffee stands dotted around festivals where you can ask for hot water (although you may need to pay)
  • If you’re old enough to drink at the festival, then try drinking before you go into the arena as then you won’t need to buy drinks in there; therefore saving you money. Remember to drink responsibly as if you don’t, you may not make it into the arena!

Although these money saving tips are great, you should always ensure you carry at least £20 with you. As at some festivals tents can get robbed; leaving you with nothing. If you do have valuables in your tent, try to carry them with you at all times or make sure they are well hidden in your tent. We advise that you don’t take your current mobile phone as if it gets damaged, lost or stolen, you will never forgive yourself. Take an old mobile phone or simply buy one from a supermarket; you can buy mobile phones for as little as £15 and as they do not have all the features of the latest smartphones, the battery can last for days on end and nobody will want to pinch it!

Quick tip

One last important tip is that when packing all your things, make sure they are all wrapped in plastic bags or waterproofing as if it rains while travailing into the festival all your clothes can be left soaking, leaving you with nothing to wear all weekend.

Last but not least don’t forget your glow sticks! Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the party with a full range of glowing products fromAlterEglow.