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The World's Most Expensive Link

Press release December 19, 2008 Business

An antique clock restoration company has owned The World's Most Expensive Internet Link for more than a year now.

A small Clock Restoration company - Anthony Gray Clocks based in Kent has now owned The World's Most Expensive Link now for over 372 days, to gain the number one spot the link new entires must pay more than the current top, but new additions to the site can be added for as little as a once off payment of £1.00. A percentage of the fees paid to the site are donated to charities selected by the participants and site participants earn commission on future site sales.

It is all bit of fun and an experiment which started as these things often do after a discussion in the pub about how difficult it is to get top of Google - that said many people who participated early have already earned back their investment in commission which is paid out to encourage them to keep shouting about the site.

Links don't devalue over time but will get lower in the list if higher value links are added. The World's Most Expensive Link is easy to own it simply always goes to the highest bidder. If you are outbid at anytime and knocked off the top spot you can top up your link to get higher up or back on top. Links are guaranteed to stay live on the site until at least December 31st 2010. For more information please visit