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The Wine Glasses OfGurasu: Bringing The Art Of Crystal Craftsmanship To Life

Press release January 4, 2013 Business

Stunning New Crystal Collection FromGurasu Now On Sale

Gurasu is a new brand name for crystals of finest quality. Their mission is to make available the finest crystal champagne glasses and home décor produced in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary – the countries with the best reputation in crystal craftsmanship.

Much of their range continues to be hand crafted in reputable glass factories whose artisans meet the highest standard in crystal craftsmanship. Gurasu combines the ultimate in function with eye-catching appeal to make it the perfect choice for home or gift.

“Just by holding the glass and feeling the depth of the cut you can tell its outstanding quality,” says JoannaMatyjaszczuk of Gurasu.

The range of Gurasu wine glassesinclude modern design such as the Aurora Crystal Red Wine setthat presents the brilliance and clarity of best quality crystal. Incorporating a more slender, modern profile, they make a cool, contemporary statement on any table. Perfect for serving red wine.


Or the beautiful Katherine Wine Set encompasses the luxuries experience of drinking wine. Composed of Tulip Wine Decanter and Katherine Wine Goblets it is an ideal idea for a gift.


“Our incredible collection of crystal vases will take pride of place in any crystal collection,” says Joanna.“Our stunning collection includes unique coloured wine glasses and goblets which will stand out on any celebration table and the elegant Katherine Wine Set which comprises a fabulous decanter and set of stunning clear cut crystal glasses.”

The Rainbow Pineapple Wine Goblets set will add colourful flair to any celebrations with this boldly accented fine crystal Wine Goblets in rich purple, pink, lime green, amber, sky blue and ruby hue.

“These stunning colour crystal goblets will make a strong statement on any table,” says Joanna.


Or the classic diamond cutting with a unique and modern twist and a pulled stem equals perfection in this Quintessence Goblet. Ideal for formal or informal dining, the elegant Quintessence stemware creates a graceful pattern. Recommended for white wine.


“A unique crystal set from Gurasu is an ideal gift for any special occasion and will make an excellent addition to your own crystal collection too!”

About Gurasu:

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38 Lichfield Road, London, NW2 2RG

Phone: 0203 664 8694

Email: [email protected]