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The Ultimate Small Business Recession Shelter

Press release December 19, 2008 Business

According to latest research, consumer confidence is increasing. High Street spending is up by 1.5% over this time last year. However, for many business owners times are tough and they need all the help they can get to survive recession.

Swanage, Dorset, December 19, 2008 - Arriving at their place of business every morning worrying, wondering, scrabbling for what to do, thousands of small business owners are in need of a helping hand to survive recession. So used to times being good, consumer spending being rampant, the economic downturn has put many business owners in a vulnerable position.

To help solve this problem Dorset based business growth expert Henry Baker has is offering all small business owners a free information packed recession beating report entitled 'The Ultimate SmallBusiness Recession Shelter - 7 Ways to Increase Profits In Recession.' "People are still spending money." Henry says. "The key to surviving and prospering in recession is dependant on tapping into that spend." "That means business owners need to focus very heavily on identifying who is best placed to spend money with them, what those people will buy, how to find them and how to give the experience of a lifetime so they rampantly refer more people and deliver ongoing repeat spend" "It is no good 'sitting still' and hoping for the best. Positive, consistent action must be taken in a number of distinct areas."  With this primary concept as a foundation, the free report identifies 7 distinct areas business owners should focus on to not just survive recession but grow their profits. It provides step-by-step techniques for attracting the best customers, getting customers spending more, returning more often and referring more people.

To help ascertain if this information can help your audience a copy of the report is included as an attachment with the delivery of this press release and/or in the associated press room.

Mr. Baker is available for interview, articles and comment and can be contacted via phone on 01929427744, FAX 0208 181 7632 or via the email at [email protected].