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The Traditional Radiator gets a Radical Makover

Press release July 7, 2011 Homes & Gardens

Radiators are no longer the mundane heating source, they have been transformed into contemporary styles and modern designs.

Myson legato electric radiators

Radiators once just a heating source have had a radical makeover and are becoming a feature in most modern homes.  Radiatorsare now available in innovative designs, styles and materials.  Even though these new styled radiators are contemporary in style, they are also very practical and are more energy efficient than most traditional radiators.

The different sizes available allow even the smallest room to showcase a modern radiatoror heated towel rail.  The different materials and colours make them a spectacular site in any home.  The Mirrored Radiators, Coloured Electric Radiatorsand the contemporary styled square aluminium radiatorswill fit into any modern grand design.

Designers have taken the old square white radiatorand turned it into a piece of art, using their wildest imagination to create these magnificent heating sources.  They have also added extra features to make them practical as well as stylish; for instance you can buy a hallway radiator that acts as a coat hanger as well as a mirror.  The new shaped and coloured heated towel warmers not only add a modern feel to your bathroom, they also dry your towels and act as storage.

Looking for a focal point for your modern home then the new Modern Radiator is definitely a must have!

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