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The strongest wood chipper on the market for an ordinary driving licence

Press release January 7, 2014 The strongest wood chipper

Following an innovative product development process, Linddana is proud to present the new TP 175 MOBILE. This trailer-based wood chipper sets new standards for capacity and strength in the under-750 kg class

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Linddana, a world leader in the field of wood chipping, is now launching a new mobile wood chipper that weighs in at less than 750 kg. The TP 175 MOBILE is a further development of the successful TP 160 MOBILE, which has long since proved its operational reliability and efficiency in caring for parks and landscapes all over the world.    

Bigger – with a wood diameter of 17.5 cm
The new TP 175 MOBILE features an aggressive hydraulic intake that can chip wood of up to 17.5 cm in diameter. The increased diameter provides greater capacity than the other mobile wood chippers on the market in the under-750 kg class, and the TP 175 MOBILE can produce up to 10 m3 of woodchip per hour. At the same time, the Twin Disc rotor cutter with the TP OptiCut cutting system ensures even traction through the machine. “This results in very uniform woodchip and optimal fuel economy with an average consumption of just 3.5 litres of diesel per hour,” relates Robert Eriksen, Development Manager at Linddana.

The wood chipper functions aggressively and efficiently thanks to its powerful 4-cylinder Lombardini diesel engine that generates an impressive 35 hp – another feature that none of its competitors in this class can match.

Stronger thanks to a new type of high-strength steel
In the development of the TP 175 MOBILE, it proved possible to reduce the weight of the machine and make the construction stronger at the same time. The explanation is simple: the TP 175 MOBILE is built of high-strength steel that is 50% stronger than conventional construction steel. Sheets of this steel are slightly thinner and weigh less, but provide greater strength.

Easier to transport
For more than 30 years, Linddana has been developing and manufacturing wood chippers at its factory in Denmark with a clear goal of covering current needs for reliable and efficient solutions for landscape maintenance and forestry. The new TP 175 MOBILE machine is born of this market-oriented production philosophy.

“By keeping the weight of the machine below 750 kg, we have ensured that everyone with a standard driving licence can transport a TP 175 MOBILE and make full use of all the advantages it offers. However, it was crucial to us that the reduction in weight should not be achieved at the expense of either functions or quality. The functionality and operational reliability of the new TP 175 MOBILE are therefore fully on a par with those that distinguish the other TP wood chippers in our range,” says Jørgen Due Jensen, Managing Director of Linddana.

Service box and 3-year warranty
As the only manufacturer on the market, Linddana provides a 3-year warranty on TP wood chippers. This further underlines the exceptionally high quality of the range.

The TP 175 MOBILE also comes complete with a TP Service box that contains all the critical wearing parts for the wood chipper. This ensures fast replacement on site and reduces downtime.

In Great Britain, Linddana’s TP wood chippers are distributed by:

A.T. Osborne Ltd.

Arthur Ibbetts Ltd.,

Paul Vidgen Forest Machines Ltd.,

Atkinson Vos Ltd,

Erwin Agri-Care Limited,

Fraser C Robb,

Find out more online at

Facts about the TP 175 MOBILE
Max. wood diameter    175 mm
Max. opening by roller    H x B = 175 x 191 mm
Chipper principle     Disc (Twin disc, TP OptiCut)
Fuel consumption    3.5 litres/hour
Chip length    4–12 mm
Weight     < 750 kg


The strongest wood chipper