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Press release April 4, 2008 Business

Sales Forces Across America Are Showing The UK Just How Psychology Can Dramatically Increase Sales Of Any Product Or Service

If you're in sales, imagine if you could discover what makes people buy? If you knew, before you even met your prospect, the ‘triggers' that would make that person sign up, how would that effect your sales, and of course, your income? As a business with a sales force, what would it mean to you if your sales reps had this powerful understanding?

No matter what you sell, if you could understand the psychology of sales and what makes people buy, then you could explode your sales overnight. 

If you think ‘what makes people buy' is an interesting question, then just imagine if you had the answers. Suddenly, you would know just how to market your product or service to those who want to buy, not those who want to look or try. Overnight, your marketing budget would go from buying ‘prospects' to buying ‘customers'.

You would confidently walk into any meeting knowing you have the tools to convert this prospect into a paying customer while exceeding all your customers expectations. People want to buy. However, changing your approach to sales can mean the difference between bartering for a sale and your prospect asking you where to sign.

By knowing just what lies behind people's decision to buy, you instantly put remarkable power into all your marketing communications and sales deliveries. Knowing how to inspire and convince your prospects and customers to purchase ANY product or service you sell, at anytime... and as often as you want, is the ticket to a long term, highly profitable business.

Two of the world's top online marketers narrowed down the list to the Top 21

Psychological Triggers that make people want to buy. Simply knowing what these ‘Mind-Motivators' are and how to use them in your sales message can mean a huge difference to your bottom line sales figures.

The ‘Top 21 Psychological Triggers' were put into a fascinating report of over 89 case studies of these powerful tactics in action. It makes no difference what business you are in, these simple but amazingly effective tips can turn your business into a gold mine.

Be under no illusions, this information will transform your sales overnight. However, please also understand, this report insists on the highest of moral, legal and ethical standards. It does not teach anyone how to scam, con or trick anyone into buying anything. It simply shows anyone serious about their career or business, how to sell quality products or services effectively.

This report has been compiled by studying leading industry experts who have made massive amounts of money selling all kinds of goods. For example, the guy who sold over $7,000,000 of collectable coins, the man who sold thousands of Rolls Royce cars, the marketing wiz who sold $42,000,000 worth of sunglasses. All of these guys knew how to market to and how to sell to, those who wanted to buy. They did not waste their time on ‘browsers' who just wanted to look, touch and try. They did not

waste their marketing budget getting their message to anyone and everyone. They targeted their sales message, made effective use of sales triggers and made lots of money!

This report gives over four solid hours of riveting analysis of all 21 Mind-Motivators, the precise ways of HOW to use them, and WHY they work. There is also 89 real-world, market-tested case studies that are glowing examples of how these 21 Mind-Motivators have made fortunes for dozens of marketers and sales professionals.  The audio report also comes with a 120 page word-for-word transcript of the whole teleseminar so you can refer back to the notes as you listen.

The report will not only teach any sales professional, for any business, how to get many more prospects but will ensure those prospects are ethically and professionally converted into sales both the for the short and the long term. This will do wonders for your reputation and within no time at all, prospects will be coming to you - not the other way round.

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