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Press release April 15, 2010 Public

EllePure - Official Launch April 2010

This week the UK sees the launch of its newest direct sales company. EllePure retails natural health and beauty products through a network of qualified self-employed Sales Consultants. This concept has received phenomenal feedback and success from pre-launch sales that ran from January 2010.

back to basics

Ever looked at the label and wish you hadn’t? With new chemicals being created in the industry everyday, you need a PhD just to pronounce them…

EllePure are going back to the drawing board. They want their Customers to know exactly what they are putting onto their skin and into their bodies. They’re sourcing from certified organic suppliers, and Aromatherapy Trade Council importers. They’re saying no to Parabens, SLS and SLES (in fact they wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole). They are strongly against Animal Testing, and are proud to be members of They have one of the largest ranges of organic and paraben-free products in the UK, including a collection of over 40 pure Essential Oils, as well as Body care, Nutrition and Home Fragrance.

They believe in natural and sustainable resources. They believe in simple changes that make a big difference.

They believe in a pure way of feeling good. 

our founder

Simon Burke is already a serial young entrepreneur at just 19, having had the unique opportunity, as he was growing up, to watch from the wings as his parents created a £multi-million direct-selling business from humble beginnings. From a young age Simon had high aspirations and was recently quoted on channel 4 as saying he aimed to beat his mother to millionaire status (she was aged just 30).

At 16, Simon decided to part from full-time education, against the strong advice of his headmaster, in order to set-up a successful graphic design agency, AVES Design & Marketing, and take on a more formal role in the family business. In 2009, Simon decided it was time to establish his own Direct Selling Company, EllePure.

now hiring!

EllePure offer a unique opportunity to anyone and everyone who wants in, providing a minimum of 20% and upto 40% commission on all sales. They welcome and nurture every member of the team, whether they are in it for some extra money at the end of the month, or building a full-time income. They’ve even established their own Training Academy, accredited by the Beauty Guild, giving consultants a recognised qualification.

Recent rises in the cost of living has seen people fearing the worst, none more than young families. A study published by insurer Scottish Widows claims the recent decline has forced more than 4 million mothers back into work. 

notes for the editor

Direct Sales is the largest provider of part-time employment in the UK and reported sales of £2 billion in 2009. Whilst some industries have understandably struggled through the recent economical recession, and with the unemployment levels reaching record lows, Direct Sales continues to thrive and offer a lifeline to those looking for work.


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