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Press release January 9, 2013 IT

Why The R4i Gold Plus Flash Card Is Still Selling Like They’re Going Out Of Fashion

It may have been released over twelve months ago, but the R4i Gold Plus flash card for Nintendo 3DS is still one of the most popular storage devices for gamers all over the world.

But that really isn’t anything of a surprise, says Vincent of online gaming firm Epidigit, given that this r4 card has a vast array of features that allows gamers to do all sorts of brilliant things.

“For instance,” says Vincent,“people can browse the Internet, view images, watch movies, listen to their favourite tunes and even read well as do what it is supposed to do; namely play and store 3DS games.”

Best of all, says Vincent, the R4i Gold Plus can also save and store the things gamers have been browsing on the Internet for playback later on.

But there is another reason why the R4i Gold Plus 3DS is so popular and that’s because R4 Cards are known for their reliability compared to other types of games storage devices.

“The thing is,” says Vincent, “it’s a highly competitive market out there and there are numerous imposters and cheap imitations all competing on the World Wide Web for the custom of millions and millions of Nintendo gamers.”

On the other hand there are some excellent and authentic websites in operation, such as Epidigit, where the R4 flashcards are genuine and gamers receive excellent support and advice for gamers.

“We have masses of in-depth information outlining all our product specs, as well as tips and even manuals to help gamers get fully acquainted with their r4 and 3ds card.”

But what of the R4i Gold Plus card itself?

“Basically,” says Vincent, “the software update has vastly improved the compatibility feature so that it is compatible with all the latest Nintendo games. Also the game loading speed is faster than before and the hardware upgrade of the high precision finish chip has resulted in an increase in game running speed, while at the same time the power consumption remains very low.”

The compatibility of the MicroSD is improved as well and the card includes third-party software support, with software updates available via Wi-Fi connection.

“There are two package versions of this R4 Card,” says Vincent, “the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition contains 1 x R4i Gold PLUS card, 1 x USB MicroSD Card Reader.The Deluxe Edition contains 1 x R4i Gold PLUS card, 1 x Firmware Upgrade Writer, 1 x DS Compact Stand, and 1 x USB MicroSD Card Reader.

“But either way, gamers who choose any of these will not be disappointed.”

About Epidigit:

Epidigit is a leading UK specialist retailer offering R4 Cards and 3DS Cards for both trade and retail customers. The brand offers a unique level of dedication to customer service as well as extremely competitive prices.