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The Make me Safer gift from Love My Car

Press release May 16, 2008 Motor & Transport

Love My Car have produced a well presented car safety kit, designed specifically for lady drivers. This car emergencey kit is an ideal driving test present or just as a car accessory pack for any female driver.

Love My Car supports the view, articulated by the government in its proposals for more stringent driving tests, and by Brake, the road safety charity, that the majority of young drivers are ill prepared for the risks that driving entails.

We believe that to reduce the risk of accident, they need a broader awareness of the wide variety of hazards associated with taking to the roads, and an understanding of the responsibility that goes along with their new freedom.

And it is not just driving skills that need to be addressed.  Ignoring basic car maintenance and personal safety requirements are just as likely to turn the door to freedom into a path to disaster.

A simple but brilliant idea,  and Winner of a Daily Telegraph sponsored national new business competition, Love My Car recognised that a to encourage females to pay a passing regard for the practical,  style would need to mask function.

With it's eye catching pink and black livery, Love My Car takes responsibility, and tissue wraps it into a fabulous glossy gift, as satisfying to give as it is to receive.  

From practical advice on the safest places to park and what to do in case of breakdown to ‘must have' simple maintenance tools such as oil, windscreen wash and de-icer, , the products and presentation of the Love My Car ‘Make Me Safer' gift box were designed and developed with significant input from Sally Dickinson's two teenage daughters, combined with the output from a broad age range of female focus groups.



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