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The Importance of Wearing Medical ID

Press release April 23, 2012 Health

Identify yourself for life

If you suffer with a medical condition that can result in you becoming unconscious or unable to speak it is important for you to be able to convey to the general public and medical professionals details of your condition, should you need to. These conditions such as allergic reactions and diabetes often require treatment fast and emergencies can occur anywhere, at any time. If a patient is carrying identification that conveys their condition and information about it, more details can be passed on at an early stage, should an emergency arise while they are on their own.

Medical Alert Cards are carried in a patient’s wallet or purse and can take time for medical professionals to find and the general public would not know to look for them when making a call to the emergency services. This is time that could be used to begin important treatment quickly. And medical professionals agree that early identification of a medical condition or allergy can save lives. 

ID bands and necklaces are clearly visible, can be worn at all times, look stylish and carry all important information about your condition. They come in many different styles, from beaded, leather or silicon bracelets, to silver or gold pendant necklaces; there is sure to be something for everyone.

Medical ID bands can also be worn by children, so if you are a worried parent you can be rest assured that while your child is at school or out playing they are carrying vital information about their condition. Their friends and all the staff at their school or nursery can be informed about their ID band and so can convey all important information to medical professionals in the instance of an emergency. With designs including colourful leather straps or displaying their favourite Disney character they will be the envy of all their friends and will love wearing their new jewellery.

ID bands can be worn by any age and are a vital aid in saving the lives of people with conditions that can be very serious. If you or a relative has such a medical condition it is important to find a comfortable, wearable ID band or necklace that suits and can be worn at all times.