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The History of Church Stained Glass Windows

Press release September 16, 2011 Young

Church Stained Glass Windows were once known as the "Poor Mans Bible".

4. Production Glass details

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows illuminate our churches and places of worship throughout the world, being one of the main focal points within these places of worship.  Their beautiful colours and imagery bringing the bible to life through stories of saints and martyrs from the christian world.

What is the history of Church Stained Glass Windows?

For over a 1000 years, churches and cathedrals have been home to these fantastic master pieces. Once known as the "poor man’s bible" due to the fact that bibles were very expensive to produce and also because a large proportion of the populace would have been illiterate. With this in mind the Church strove to relate the message of the bible through the decorative brilliance of its stained glass.  Stained glass windows in churches today are carefully maintained and restored due to their integral part of the churches history and ambiance.  Stunning examples of these by Masters such and Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris (William Morris & Co), Augustus Pugin, Heaton Butler & Bayne, Harry Clarke and Christopher Whall can be found throughout churches and places of worship in the UK and across the world.

Church Stained Glass Windows are true works of art and today specialists working in bespoke design of Stained Glass Windows for churches and residential homes can only be described as 'artistic craftsman'.  Many homes are now following the churches example and using stained glass windows within them to tell stories of their family and family life etc.  A good example is a local Bolton family who commissioned a Clitheroe company to create a stained glass window that told the story of their life, family and roots.

Stained Glass Windowscontinue to be restored and conserved in churches and places of worship and also to grow as a bespoke design trend in interior design within private homes.