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The Gap Year Lotto Project

Press release November 13, 2008 Tourism

The GapYearLotto project is almost ready and complete and hopes to bring a whole new angle to researching student travel. Aimed at 17-26 year olds, provides a new way to explore what the world has to offer. Whilst guess users can still use these services, those who register (for free) have every click they make on our links recorded. Each click acts as a raffle ticket in out £1000 monthly giveaway.


The GapYearLotto project is the work of Charlie Walker, an 18 year old Gap Year student from Salisbury, Wiltshire. Whilst he should have been revising for January modules for his A-Levels in 2007, Charlie was easily distracted by the prospect of the Gap Year to come. But using Google got dreadfully dull and soon Charlie decided that there had to be a better way of doing this.

He noted that at this early stage, he didn't actually know what it was he wanted to do on his Gap Year and that he was emrely exploring the options. That was when he realised that the site should encompass an element of exploration. Secondly the cost of the Gap Year terrified him, and he thought 1. Whats so good about using this site over others, and 2. Wouldnt it be cool if I could part of Gap Year just by exploration. A £1000 giveaway seemed perfect for the concept. Fund your travel just by looking for ideas.

Thus was born. Despite the name, a Gap Year is not required to users. They just have to be in the student age group and be interested in travel. But a Gap Year is just a classic example of when such travel is made...thus

The GapYearLotto project is now in it's final stages of completion, and aims to launch January 1st 2009. Users can sign up for free at