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The first E-commerce platform that enables travellers to do all their shopping online while abroad, now live

Press release August 18, 2015 E-commerce Fashion Travel and Tourism Shopping

The Outergraph displays only high quality products from top local brands and retailers, while discovering and sharing their beautiful stories. All items ordered online are comfortably delivered to the hotels the next day.

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The Outergraph is the new way to shop as a traveller. Easy, comfortable, quality-oriented and online. The platform offers travellers the possibility to do all their shopping online while abroad, as an alternative to the time consuming classic travel shopping. No more walks from store to store, fitting rooms or carrying bags. Travellers can now browse the city online, make better shopping decisions and have everything they wish for comfortably delivered to their travel accommodations. The platform is now available for London travellers and it will soon include more destination cities.

The main purpose is to offer value in terms of comfort, time, quality, and authenticity. The platform brings under the same roof top retailers and local brands from the most visited travel destinations and curates the product list. This way, travellers have simultaneous access to numerous local stores, leading to valuable and less impulsive travel shopping. Similar to a department store, it displays a generous, but carefully selected product range, from fashion to beauty and home accessories.

Authenticity is important when shopping as a traveller, so The Outergraph only displays local brands. Even more, a special menu allows users to filter and shop for products based on brand stories and local particularities. For example, London travellers can shop for Royal supplier brands, 100 years old British brands, British designers, Iconic British products, products Made in UK and much more. They can also discover a brand’s story and particular filters in its pages, adding valuable information to their shopping experience.

The Outergraph means comfortable and time-efficient online travel shopping. Items from multiple stores will be delivered to travellers’ accommodations with next day delivery. This way, products can be tried on in comfort and privacy. Travellers can also shop before arrival, pack light and have all the products they wish for waiting for them at the hotel.

Shopping on the platform is also an option for those who are not planning to travel in the near future. All partner brands have international delivery options.

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E-commerce Fashion Travel and Tourism Shopping