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The Fastest Way for Small Businesses to Prosper In 2009

Press release March 20, 2009 Business

When the jewellery store owner becomes a marketer of fine jewellery, the carpet cleaner becomes a marketer of carpet cleaning services, the chiropractor a marketer of chiropractic care, etc., she takes a quantum leap up ability to beat recession and increase her income. To beat recession, small business owners should stop being doers and start being marketers.

Swanage, Dorset, UK, March 20, 2009 -All across the country businesses are fighting for survival, fighting to attract customers, fighting to keep afloat. Many will fall by the wayside and succumb to recession. "In order to beat recession, business owners must stop being the doers of what they do and instead become marketers of what they do", says Henry Baker, Dorset based business growth expert.

Most service business owners, small business owners, self-employed professionals and consultants all view themselves as doers of what they do. The marketer sees the acquisition, retention and value maximization of the customers as her primary role, with the doing of the service the necessary 'evil'. Simply, marketers are much more valuable and highly paid than others. "This is very difficult for doers to accept", Henry Says. "When you attend a networking meeting, at least 80% of everybody's conversation is about doing, not the marketing; in the cocktail lounge, people tell each other what they do... 'I speak about X, I'm an expert in Y.' If you ask most businesspeople what they do, they'll define themselves as a doer of a thing rather than as a marketing of a thing."

Henry says this attitude or view of who you are has an enormous impact on how business owners allocate their time and energy. The doers of things do those things and get around to marketing if there's "time left over." In recession this is the exact opposite of how time should be allocated. The smart business owner spends most of her time marketing her products and services, attracting, nurturing and growing clients. It is infinitely easier to delegate the doing than the marketing. There are plenty of doers who are terrible at marketing. There are very few good marketers and yet they are the ones with all the business...

Mr.Baker is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted on 01929 427744.   Mr. Baker has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience with some of the World's leading corporate sales organizations, as an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor and internationally respected trainer and educator. He has directly helped over 900 small business owners grow their businesses and tens of thousands more via his business growth tips and secrets.