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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Overlooked Way to Attract New Customers In Recession

Press release February 11, 2009 PR

We’re knee deep in recession and attracting new customers and clients has never been more challenging for business owners. However, there is one little used ‘trick’ that can dramatically increase any businesses new client acquisition, fast.

Swanage, Dorset, UK, February 11, 2009 - There is hands down no faster way to atract new customers and clients than to give them something FREE.

Yet, most business owners will not do so through fear of:

1. Giving away profit
2. People taking the 'mickey'.
3. Concern they won't come back
4. Laziness

But Dorset based marketing expert Henry Baker says "Free in the most powerful word in any business owner's marketing arsenal. It can be used to ignite huge surges in profits with ease." He then explains why the four typical reasons for not using 'free' are invalid:

1. Yes, it WILL cost you to give something away for free. BUT, it is a FALSE economy to believe you're really giving anything away.  Don't concern yourself with that. Concern yourself with how much a client will spend with you over their lifetime as a client. It may cost you £5 to give a freebie and then they spend £500 with over the next couple of years.

2. Some people will take the 'mickey'! Some will just come in for the freebie and never come back. Here's what to say and think when that happens 'Um...Interesting'...Then forget it and move on.

3. Some won't come back. But, it's up to you make sure they do. Make sure you have a full step by step client welcome and follow up campaign in place. This is where most people go wrong.

4. Laziness. To survive in troubled economic times there is no place for procrastination. Set goals and eliminate it.

Now, given those excuses are NOT valid. Here're some examples of how businesses can use the FREE giveaway. Firstly, the free gift must be of perceived value to your prospective client. Things that work well include:

a) Free consultations
b) A free product or service
c)  A free event such as an open evening with drinks and food
d) A free trial

And, there are lots, lots more.

"Offering something for free can dramtically reduce the cost of customer acquisition (yes, reduce), establish immediate reciprocity in the new customers mind and give the business owner the best chance possible to 'wow' the new customer, 'hook them for life', recoup their invetment in attracting them and leave competition wondering what happened. The essential secret to it's success is follow up after the free gift has been given," Henry concludes.

Mr.Baker is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted on +441929 427744.   Mr. Baker has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience with some of the World's leading corporate sales organizations, as an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor and internationally respected trainer and educator. He has directly helped over 800 small business owners grow their businesses and tens of thousands more via his business growth tips and secrets.