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The Door Handle Company have expanded their online business through online marketing.

Press release April 18, 2011 Homes & Gardens

The investment in Online Marketing has proved to be very succesful for The Door Handle Company; they have now expanded their business and moved to bigger premises.

Brass Antique Door Handles

Small to medium businesses throughout the world have become very succesful due to the launch of the internet and The Door Handle Company is no exception.  Investing in no other advertising other than Google PPC and SEO, The Door Handle Company has grown from strength to strength with their Door Handles online shop.  Their presence online has enabled them to compete with major high street DIY brands and offer their door handles to customers nationally.

Tony Managing Director and founder of The Door Handle Company said "Due to investing in our website and marketing it online, we have moved to bigger premises to hold more stock and are currently having a new website developed as the current one is not able to handle the amount of traffic that it receives on a daily basis.  The internet has opened up so many opportunities for us; all our Door Handlesare sourced from the highest quality manufacturer however, are very competitive in price compared to the well known high street Door Handles suppliers."

As Tony fully understood when launching his online Door Handles shop, creating a website is only the foundation of building an online business, investment into the site is key or it will never be found by the Search Engines.  "In the short term to drive traffic and create sales we investested in Google PPC, you can have your advert up very quickly so you achieve immediate sales.  Long term we wanted to invest in getting the website into the natural listings for 'Door Handles' and our other key search terms, so we invested in SEO which, has now contributed to the growth of our business, we still do PPC however, the natural search seems to drive more sales".

The internet has proven to open up new doors for small to medium businesses due to the fact that they can compete with the major high street shops on an international and local basis.  Google offer free advice to companies looking to market their business online however, like The Door Handles Company you want to hire an Online Marketing Consultant ensure that you research their success with other companies and check their references.



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