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The City Riots are hitting the heart of the local community - The Retailer

Press release August 9, 2011 Young

The London riots started for a local boy being shot has escalated into a war against the local retailer.

London Riots hit Retailers

Local businesses already struggling to keep increase footfall into their shops are now facing further problems with the riots breaking out all over the country and one of the main targets is the local retail shops.  Vandalising businesses by setting fire to their premises, damaging their property and stealing can only lead to one question "will any of these shop doors ever open again?"

The fight against the police has taken a turn and now the riots are pure violence against local communitiesdependant on local facilities, shops and businesses.  Why would you turn on your home town?  This appalling outbreak will hit towns where it hurts; the loss of jobs, lively hoodsand homes.

The current financial climate has already hit retailers hard over the past few years, seeing major high street shops close their doors for the final time, these local businesses have fought hard to keep their retail shopsa float and it is soul destroying to see what these thugs are doing to them.

BBC News have released a video of two girls bragging about setting fire to a local business to steal alcohol stating that they were rioting to "target the rich people".

This can only be described as a shocking revelation as many off these smaller retailershave worked hard to sustain their business over the years.  This naive behaviour is not considering the consequences that it will have on the working class as people rely on local businesses for income.  Employees of the Sony Distribution Centre in Edenfield will today be fearing the future of their jobs as rioters have burnt it to the ground.  This is not the actions of people who want to lash out at the rich; this is people who are hitting their own people, making it harder for them to survive in the current climate.

Police are urging parents to march their children down to the local Police Station, we agree parents should be taking control as it is them that rely on the local retailers and businesses, rich people will not be affected; it is the community that will suffer long term.

How many more nights can retailers survive the riots? See BBC news for more coverage of the London Riots.

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