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The British Universites Kayak Expedition goes unchartered

Press release August 18, 2009 Tourism

Globetrotter SOS announces their support of the British Universities Kayak Expedition 2009 (BUKE2009) to Vietnam. The expedition’s objective is to go to previously uncharted rivers, plot the route and assess their suitability for kayaking for future expeditions to follow.

The trip is 6 weeks in duration and the team will be unsupported. The team of 9 has been selected from Universities around the UK using a two stage process, and the final team was selected from the 20 candidate.
As preparation, the Team has undergone some vital first aid and survival training, but as a team they have only met a few times before.

Graham Chapple of Globetrotter SOS said, When we first heard about this adventure, we felt it really captured just what Globetrotter SOS is all about, people pushing the boundaries in adventure travel, going to wild and uncharted places, but knowing they are able to get assistance when and if they need it.
Chapple Continued, This service allowed the Team to keep in touch with their loved ones by using the Here I Am feature, without the need or cost of calling home, as it happens there is precious little signal where they have been. The Parents are delighted as they could plot the progress of the Team using the mapping feature and know they guys were safe, taking a huge worry away.

One of the BUKE team members, Stuart Hayward, commented, Using this service was simple and effective. It just allowed us to get on with the trip, but let folks at home know we were OK. We also used the device to plot the start and end of river runs for future reference, giving us the coordinates to plot the route when we get home. Thankfully, apart from a few normal cuts and bruises, we did not get into difficultly so we did not have to use the SOS function, but it was reassuring to know it was there if we needed it.

The service was deployed on a Blackberry Curve 8900 which stood up to the extreme conditions of the trip very well. The Globetrotter Assist Service was downloaded using the simple Globetrotter SOS website just before the guys boarded the plane at Heathrow.

Graham Chapple commented, The Globetrotter SOS service is simple to buy, easy to use and works using existing day to day Smartphone technology. This expedition is a typical deployment of this service; however it is not just for adventurers but for everyday people who take their safety seriously. It is just as effective for a holiday trip to Spain or a business trip to London as it is in the wilderness of Vietnam. We have clients from all walks of life who are benefiting from the service.
This Simple service is downloadable from , this Travel Safety Service combines sophisticated software with proven satellite tracking and location technology and world renowned 24x7 security specialists to assist you should the need arise. There are several packages designed to suit all requirements and budgets.

The technology used by Globetrotter SOS has evolved from the tried and trusted Satellite Phone market place which has been used by charities, health organizations and aid agencies who wish to provide a security and tracking system to their workers and volunteers. Globetrotter SOS have harnessed this trusted, life-saving service and can now offers this to you at an incredibly low cost, using Smartphones you already own and use, thus making the deployment simple, low cost and effective.