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The Benefits of the IB Programme

Press release January 29, 2013 Education

Choosing how to educate your child is an important life decision which should not be taken lightly.

With competition for employment getting tougher than ever, more parents are taking alternative routes when it comes to educating their kids. The IB curriculum is a long established educational programme running in over 144 countries that is well worth considering and provides a host of benefits to a young learner.

A Lifelong Journey of Learning


The IB focuses on the whole child as an inquirer, both in and outside the classroom. It encourages independent learning and helps students establish personal morals and values. The stress on the importance of curiosity about the international world we live in helps cultivate a broader, more open minded view of our surroundings, even into adulthood.

A Global Connection


The IB curriculum recognize that the world is getting smaller. They encourage their students by promoting an intercultural understanding and respect that is an essential part of life in the  21st century. Exploration of national and global issues help students discover how the planet works, and where we fit into and express ourselves within it. They aim to educate students on what it is to be human; to become caring, active responders who will help to create a globally more peaceful world.

More Than Just The Facts


The IB system realizes that the key subjects are important to all students. As well as this, they aim to address students’ social and emotional wellbeing, helping them to find their place in an ever changing world around them. Honesty, integrity and dignity for ourselves and our communities is encouraged from an early age. This includes work on sustainability and a healthy body and mind.

Inquiry Based Learning


As part of nurturing curiosity, the IB introduces new concepts through exploring and challenging common theories, making connections between evidences, taking and defending a view and finding an alternative way of problem solving. Students can then become confident in taking risks in a safe environment.

The programme has seen a significant rise in popularity in the last five years with proven results, there are now a number of schools in England following this curriculum. Visit for more information on available courses.

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