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The Battle To Get Fit, Is A War Between Desire& Inertia

Press release February 26, 2013 Health

How My Home Trainer Is LeadingThe Fight Against Gym Phobia

Getting fit and healthy is all about motivation and encouragement. People just need to have the will to do it and someone to tell them they’re doing well. Doesn’t sound too difficult to arrange does it? Trouble is the reality is a whole lot different.

After all, it takes a lot of effort for people to actually get off the sofa and into the gym. And for many people the idea of using a gym is a big obstacle in the first place.

My Home Trainer, one of the UK’s leading health and fitness groups, know only too well what it is all about.

“The thought of having to exercise with lots of other people around and equipment you have absolutely no idea how to use is a big turn-off from the word go,” Craig Tye of My Home Trainer explains. “So that’s where mobile personal trainers come in and why they are worth their weight in gold…or rather the fat people can lose when in their hands and at their command!”

The key word here is mobile because personal trainers these days come to their clients, rather than the other way round.

“Hiring a personal trainer to come to your home is the perfect way to overcome gym phobia,” says Craig.“Plus you only pay the trainer so save a load of money on gym membership fees. Mobile personal trainers also bring all the equipment needed to your home and you will be taught how to use it with the guidance of your trainer. A lot of people already own some pieces of equipment, which makes the training easier but even if you own nothing you can still receive a great workout.”

And this is true. Personal trainers have a wide range of mobile equipment that they will bring with them, to make workouts fun, variable and challenging, including fitballs, boxing mitts and pads, dynabands, medicine balls, handweights, skip ropes and much more. In fact it is quite surprising how many calories people actually burn by throwing a few punches with some boxing gloves on.

Then there is all the travel time that is saved and afterwards there is a nice familiar shower to jump in to.

Home training is becoming more and more popular every day with people wanting to save money on gym memberships. Having a trainer make a home visit is time and cost effective plus more comfortable for those seeking a healthy body.

Then, during the warmer seasons, it all gets even better as training sessions can take place outdoors at the park or village green or fields…indeed anywhere there’s a space.

“Park benches, pathways, and just a patch of grass and a My Home Trainer equals an amazing fitness session,” says Craig. “Our fun and exciting outdoor exercise workouts help people to focus precisely on their physical movement and balance and they may even benefit from some innovative and cutting-edge training techniques to help them rediscover their natural strength and agility.

“Why use a treadmill in a gym when you can jog and chat at the same time under the sunshine in natural surroundings?”

Combine all that with the diet/nutrition plans that come with personal training and the health and fitness-conscious have the perfect all-in-one package for a perfect health and fitness regime, saving stacks of money at the same time.

“So come on,” says Craig, “What are you waiting for?”