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Teens Can Text Their Way to Great Prizes

Press release February 8, 2008 Lifestyle

The Latest Craze Straight from the Netherlands. A New Style Profile Site Which Also Offers Competitions

We have all come across those supposed competition sites. They entice you in with the chance of winning a prize, but make you jump through hoops. You have to click on loads of adverts and then get loads of your friends to do the same, for a chance to be entered into a competition for a prize

Almost everyone, by now, has been touched by social networking sites. Universities use them to keep an eye on student behaviour. Employers use them to check details of prospective employees. People can find new friends all over the globe and catch up with old friends they no longer see.

A new site will be launched in the UK on the 1st Feb which takes the best parts of each of these types of site. is a new style profile site with the message, "Show Yourself!" A place where people can share countless photos, videos and blogs with new and old friends all across the globe. Gold membership is free for the first 100 subscribers!

There is also a competition aspect. As you use the functions of the web site, such as the blog and the message TV, you increase your visibility. Increase your visibility and increase your votes. Increase your votes and increase your chances of winning the best prizes

Votes are in the shape of Cooxies, and Cooxies are the currency of the site. They are issued for time spent on the site and for enabling functionality. No adverts to click on, no hoops to jump through. The longer you blog, upload and view, the more Cooxies you get to vote for your friends. is a new company founded in 2007. Their aim is to offer a safe place for teenagers to share information, blogs, images and videos, and a place for them to win prizes. The site offers a competition for the top boys and the top girls with excellent prizes such as Nintendo DS consoles, mobile phones and other goodies