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TAM™ Restart uses fair play to turn around businesses hit by the credit crunch

Press release December 12, 2008 Business

The five-day Restart package from UK-based TAM™ helps struggling businesses to take fast action that can increase productivity by up to 35%

As many companies feel the credit crunch hitting them unfairly, TAM plc has launched its concentrated Restart programme to enable businesses running out of time or money to fight back using fair play.

Especially relevant in the current challenging climate, TAM™ Restart is an affordable business turnaround tool requiring just five days’ investment of executives’ time – a vitally short schedule when there are only months or weeks to act – at a cost that can be recouped fast.

TAM™ works by involving every employee in a business to increase productivity by up to 35%, producing a massive impact on sales and revenues without resorting to knee-jerk redundancies, painful cost cutting or the need to raise new capital. And TAM™’s benefits are permanent so the business not only survives, but generates the universal enthusiasm required for sustained growth.


How does TAM™ apply fair play scientifically?

At a time when many business owners feel it’s unfair that their business is failing and employees feel it’s unfair that their jobs are at risk, and both are more likely to lose trust in each other, TAM™ cuts through these emotional barriers to bring everyone in the business together to focus on what they can and must do to protect and develop the business as well as the livelihoods of everyone working for it.

Developed out of 10 years’ scientific and psychological research at Stanford Research Institute into why businesses fail – which also spun out the SWOT analysis and stakeholder concept used daily in management throughout the world – Team Action Management™ (TAM™) has been applied successfully over decades in a number of well-known businesses.

TAM™ is built around human behaviour within an organisation. It harnesses the positive attributes and funnels these through a business filter to produce strategically robust actions with a financial responsibility. It enables the business leader to control the business, while simultaneously raising both the morale and participation of all people in the business to boost performance.


What is TAM™’s track record in helping business survive and thrive?

TAM™ has a verified track record in turning businesses around, including central roles in preventing the closure of the Roche fine chemicals plant and then creating, what is today, the world’s largest Vitamin C production facility and in preventing the liquidation of Thomas Waide and Sons (Leeds). TAM™ also played a key role in the successful merger of J Lyons and Tetley Tea and assisted Rist’s Wires and Cables Ltd in growing into the world’s leading automotive cable manufacturing operation in Lucas plc.


How can businesses Restart with TAM™?

Restart is a subset of the full TAM™ programme, concentrating an intensive, high-impact turnaround package into five days delivered by its experienced, highly skilled team, which reports directly to the CEO at all times and acts on their authority. In every case, people and fair play are central to the success of TAM™ in Restarting a business.

With finance tighter than ever, increasing pressure on costs, falling sales and shrinking markets, TAM™ has created Restart as an affordable business turnaround tool and can even arrange access to funding via the Learning and Skills Council.

For full details of Restart, please call Philip Webb, chief executive of TAM plc, on 07711 008350 or any of the dedicated TAM team on 0114 299 8885, or visit