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Take your home with you on holiday

Press release May 26, 2010 Homes & Gardens

EyeSpy247 makes it easier and more affordable to keep an eye on your home no matter were you are in the world.

This summer, millions of people will leave their homes unattended as they head to holiday destinations in the UK and abroad. Many will worry about the security of their home while they are away, and a significant number will return to find their property has been burgled or vandalised. Yet for users of IP camera systems, that worry is greatly reduced.

"Just as people activate their timer lights and set burglar alarms before they set off on holiday, more and more people are now switching on IP cameras as part of their home security drill," says Paresh Morjaria of "That’s because IP camera systems bring incredible peace of mind. No matter where you are in the world you can log in to see live pictures of your property from a computer and even your iPhone or Blackberry. It’s like taking your home on holiday with you."

IP cameras work with a user's home broadband router. They connect wirelessly which means they can be positioned almost anywhere in the house. The cameras themselves can cost significantly less than traditional CCTV, while their low power-usage means leaving them on while away for two weeks won’t result in a huge electricity bill.

Yet despite their apparent simplicity, the latest IP camera systems feature advanced technology such as night vision that even the most security-conscious will find relaxing. Motion detectors can instantly alert holidaymakers of a disturbance by text message or email, with images attached. IP camera systems also store security footage safely in cyberspace, which can be checked from the beach, the user’s hotel, or anywhere in the world – and, where necessary, can also be used as evidence of a crime.

The wide variety of systems available means there is plenty of choice on offer when buying an IP camera. EyeSpy247 is currently the only system available in the UK that provides an all-in-one, plug-n-play solution. EyeSpy247's unique system includes high quality IP cameras with integrated access to a secure online portal, which provides comprehensive remote monitoring, recording and instant email/SMS alerts with no additional hardware to buy. Prices start from £99.

With such futuristic capabilities and increasing public interest in surveillance, it’s no surprise that security was one of few industry sectors that grew significantly in 2009, despite the global recession. According to a report by leading market researchers RNCOS, IP camera technology is expected to overtake CCTV as the market leader by 2012. (Source: "Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)", RNCOS).

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