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SymbaSync Secures 2nd Pilot with RBS

Press release June 20, 2019 Pilot programme HR Employee engagement RBS Banking Project Team Builder SymbaSync

Edinburgh, Scotland, RBS Global Headquarters

SymbaSync Ltd moves to launch the second pilot programme ofProject Team Builder, a ground-breaking platform for human capital asset management, in partnership with the world-renowned Royal Bank of Scotland/Natwest.

Project Team Builder (PTB) is a human capital asset deployment software, its second iteration taking place at none other than the Global HQ of RBS in Edinburgh. RBS/NatWest caters to its customers across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

This run represents SymbaSync’s full commitment to project team creation development in the banking industry, after a wildly successful initial pilot launch with OTP Bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

The powerful new platform bridges a gap in internal project management, allowing for internal talent to be recruited into new projects instantly. Project Team Builder organically improves employee retention and return on investment by instantly engaging employees and (re)deploying them to ideal teams. Project Team Builder unbiasedly matches skillsets to needs — forgoing expenses associated with the inefficiencies of word-of-mouth, internal advertising, and external candidates.

The pilot includes employees as well as project leaders, promising advantages and improved performance on both sides of a project.

SymbaSync’s founder, Joseph McElmeel says,
“The powerful new collaboration between SymbaSync and RBS sets the trend for new and improved practices in building projects and managing internal as well as external talent to the full extent of their abilities. The in-depth, innovative approach to tap into employee potential is set to enhance RBS’s current operations, ensuring an ideal distribution of human capital as well as an edge to its already stellar service to customers.”

Gordon Merrylees, Managing Director Entrepreneurship, Royal Bank of Scotland said “We are delighted to welcome Joseph McElmeel and SymbaSync on to the programme in RBS Edinburgh Accelerator.
With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day.” We look forward to seeing Joseph engage with the programme and grow their business with us.”

On the Pilot, Gillian Rattray declares:
“With this newest development, the collaboration has the potential to be implemented across select RBS offices all over the world, increasing return on employee investments and project success. This high-profile collaboration marks a tremendous win for SymbaSync and RBS, allowing them to reach into a market of great potential.”


SymbaSynchelps organizations maximize return on employee investment by providing Human Resources Software to source, qualify, and engage employees to populate project teams. SymbaSync’s tools increase employee satisfaction improving employee ownership, devotion, and retention.


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RBS/Natwest is the leading commercial bank in UK & Ireland, and the main representation of RBS Group, present worldwide and showing no signs of slowing down expansion.


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