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SWIFT For Corporates Made All The More Easier Thanks To AccessPay

Press release March 6, 2013 Business

Global Cash Management Service Increases Business With New Client Software

Managers and CEO’s of multinational corporations with bank accounts in different countries and different currencies are well aware that keeping their global cash management under check and scrutiny is very time consuming.

They have all these assistants who keep all the security tokens and log in details for each account, who check the balances daily, make currency conversions, and write everything in a spread sheet but by the time the report gets to their bosses a few days later the real balance has already changed.

For many company chiefs it is so frustrating and annoying.

However, the times they are a changing and there is now a solution that lets company bosses centralise and automate everything while keeping everything secured.

It’s called Access Treasury; a secure web-based platform where all the bank accounts of one global enterprise can be centrally accessed from one system in real time making cash management easier than ever.

“No more security tokens or log in details, or long waiting times to see balances, with AccessPay business managers can gain full control over global cash balances and domestic and international payments by setting alerts, workflows, and approval processes for any task within the system,” Ali Moiyed of AccessPay explains.

This means roles and permissions can be set for staff to fit any business model and stay comfortable that a company’s information is safe with the state-of-the-art Access Pay bank grade security which even the banks trust.

“Best thing of all,” says Mr Moiyed,“because our platform is web-based it means you can access it any time from any computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet with Internet access.”

Mr Moiyed went on to paint the following picture:

“Imagine being on a business trip and wanting to quickly check your accounts to see if everything is okay. No more waiting for your assistants to gather all the information, make a spread sheet, and send it to you. Simply take out your smart phone and directly check your dashboard in real time. You can even set the AccessPay platform to send you a secure email every morning so you can check your balances while enjoying your coffee – because when you see more, you can do more.

“Access Treasury equals total control, total visibility.”

Headquartered in London, AccessPay was formulated by technology and financial professionals who combined state-of-the-art technological expertise, IT credentials and payments industry experience. With over 30 years of combined experience in developing technology solutions to meet corporate needs, their business is founded and delivered by business experts who understand what it takes to run a successful business.

When they started out, they saw what others didn’t: that while payment and cash management tools were increasingly being used, they were also costing more money than they actually should, to maintain. The AccessPay answer was to develop technology that makes transaction processing easier and reduces errors, that fully supports BACS payment processes using bank-grade security and cloud technology.

AccessPay also enables payment using Faster Payments, swift for corporates, Direct Debits and ACH through its easy-to-implement payment and debit processing modules that allow businesses to access powerful payment processing and management features. Using it, you can log in from any location, at any time (including from mobile devices) to view and manage sending and receiving payments.

About AccessPay:

The AccessPay payments module makes sending and receiving domestic and cross-border payment within the SEPA zone as simple and affordable as possible. Companies in Europe and the rest of the world can use it to send and receive electronic payments nationally and within the Eurozone, making payments faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before.

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