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Surrey County Council Urges Jobseekers Not to Sit Idly on their CVs and Applications

Press release December 31, 2012 Business

Local Government Offices Crying Out for Proactive and Innovative Applicants

Surrey, December 6th, 2012:

Surrey County Council has this week issued a fresh call to jobseekers who may be blowing their chances of employment due to simple complacency. The office joins dozens of others from local UK government which are simply crying out for applicants who display enthusiasm and proactivity from the earliest possible stages, rather than waiting months on end for posts to be advertised.

More often than not, the most desirable and accessible Surrey jobs are filled before even being posted by those with the resourcefulness to submit applications and make contact with relevant departments of their own free will. The advice from Surrey County Council is therefore simple – make the effort of miss out.

Step Ahead of the Pack

When and where an accessible post is advertised by a local government office, the immediate response in terms of both strength and volume is simply off the scale. In fact, in the case of the most desirable and sought-after posts of all it becomes inevitable that quotas must be put on received applications and CVs, meaning that for obvious logistical reasons there may be hundreds counted out of the running immediately.

This is precisely Surrey County Council is urging those seeking employment to make every effort to step ahead of the pack and use their own initiative to make themselves known ahead of time. Just because an appropriate post hasn’t yet been listed doesn’t mean there might not be one tomorrow – so why not submit a CV and introductory letter today to get a head start?

Important introductions

When it comes to procurement, offices and businesses will always favour the candidates who for any number of positive reasons stick out in the minds. It could be that their education is admirable or their experience is relevant – on the other hand it could simply be because they made such a good first impression when introducing themselves.

The UK job market is more fiercely competitive today than it has ever been, which according to Surrey County Councilmakes now also the most important time for jobseekers to step away from the herd and make themselves known.

About Surrey County Council:

Surrey County Council's change and efficiency directorate represents the amalgamation of the organisation’s primary business functions, which include change management, finance, IT, HR, recruitment and many more. Each department is always on the lookout for bright and innovative individuals to join the team and continue making a difference for the Surrey region. Visit today for more information on the directorate and how to apply for job openings.