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Sunglasses are a Vital Part of Summer Healthcare and Protection

Press release June 24, 2011 Health

As we all know, the summer season brings with it increased temperatures, a major increase in holidays in the UK and abroad and perhaps one of the most vital factors to consider, a rise in ultra violet rays from the sun. Sunglasses provide a solution to protecting your eyes during this time.

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The long, cold and extreme weather conditions of the winter of 2010 and spring of 2011 in the UK, has left many residents of this nation looking forward in anticipation to a more than deserved summer season of high temperatures, long days of sunshine and of course the traditional summer holiday.

If indeed by some miracle the UK does see a few months of endless sunshine there are some major factors to consider before taking in the increased temperatures through sunbathing, walking or general outdoor activities. Ultra Violet or UV rays as they are better known, increase during the summer months as the light being radiated from the sun to the earth is also at its highest level.

There are 3 types of UV rays, UVA, UVB and UVC. Both UVA and UVB rays affect humans every day, whilst the ozone layer prevents the most dangerous of these rays, UVC, from reaching earth. UVA rays are the most common and tend to effect the skin more than any other area of the human body and pass easily through our atmosphere, however UVB rays which are mostly attributed to some extremely dangerous forms of cancer and eye conditions are also present enough to be taken extremely seriously.

Just applying suncream and sun block is not enough and it is vitally important that people ensure they protect their eyes in all situations during the summer months especially, to prevent long term eye damage cuased by prolonged sun exposure. Conditions such as Cataracts, which is a clouding of the eyes lenses, is a very common condition cuased by UV rays being exposed to the eyes. Sunglasses are a sure fire way of protecting your eyes from harmful rays in all situations.

It is worth noting that not all sunglasses offer the right level of protection to the eyes and there are some very important factors to consider before purchasing a pair of sunglasses just on price or style alone. They should be UV400 which offer full protection and also be up to the relevant British and European manufacturing quality standards, this will be highlighted with CE and BS EN markings. Always check or ask retailers or manufacturers if you are unsure if the sunglasses you are looking at conform to this level of protection and standards.

Young, developing eyes are especially sensitive to UV light and it is vitally important that children also wear sunglasses in the summer months, after all every parent wants to ensure their kids are safe and in good health. Leading online retailer of eyewear solutions i-Sunglasses have almost been trading for 5 years and have always advised potential customers of the benefits of different types of sunglasses for different situations, with ever changing light conditions throughout the day it is worth noting that darker lenses perform better in bright conditions by blocking out glare, whilst on darker days clearer lenses offer better visual perception, as with protection, performance is also a factor as you need to see what you are doing.

If you are unsure of which type of sunglasses suit your requirements best this summer, visit to view their range of eyewear and also read user guides and individual product information which will help you make your choice and be safe in the knowledge your eyes will remian in perfect health.